Community Engagement Day


Community Engagement Day (CED) is an annual project at SEDE that aims to recognize and celebrate existing relations, as well as be a spark for new efforts connecting McGill to Montréal neighbourhoods, groups and social purpose organizations. CED is meant to serve as an entry point, celebration, and resource for a broader culture of community engagement at McGill.  

Between 30 to 40 group volunteer activities will occur on campus and around the city over a period of two to three days. These activities highlight some form of collaboration between the University and a Montréal community organization. Students, staff, faculty and alumni are encouraged to participate in these activities and the facilitated discussions that immediately follow. Members of the greater Montréal community are also welcome and encouraged to participate in all projects! Through action and reflection, CED participants learn about diverse societal issues being addressed by our Montréal communities while doing something to support the work being done during CED and hopefully beyond the event. Activities address immediate community needs and take the form of public discussions, walking tours, urban gardening, workshops, clean-ups, and more.

How to participate in CED: