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Collaborative Mental Healthcare Conference


The McGill Student Association for Collaborative Mental Healthcare presents a free conference. Join us March 25th at 9:30 am at Thomson House. Presenters includeDr. Srividya Iyer, Janique Johnson Lafleur, Dr. Annie Jaimes and Lynne McVey. Topics will range from interorganizational and transcultural discussion seminars, patient centred advocacy and addressing sex in a clinical setting. View the Facebook event below for more details! 


The CMH conference will serve to publicly launch the McGill Student Association for Collaborative Mental Healthcare, a student association that serves to foster networks between students studying in various fields related to mental health and professional researchers, clinicians and professors. The activities of the conference will reflect the CMH pillars: collaboration, interdisciplinary networks, idea generation, contribution. Talks, workshops, a panel discussion and networking events at the conference will be based on sharing clinical knowledge from various fields, approaching mental health from an interdisciplinary approach and critically analyzing current healthcare systems. The overarching goal of the conference will be to imagine and work towards more efficient, inclusive and accessible ways of bringing students, researchers and healthcare providers together.

Keynote Addresses by:

  • Dr. Srividya Iyer
  • Ms. Lynne McVey & Ms. Najia Hachimi-Idriss

Workshops Presented by: 

  • Addressing Sex in Mental Healthcare- Dr. Michael Berry
  • Patient Centered Advocacy- Kevin Boire 
  • Transcultural Discussion- Janique Johnson Lafleur & Dr. Annie Jaimes

Interdisciplinary Case Study Panelists, Including: 

  • Dr. Tina Montreuil 
  • Ms. Cezara Hanganu, RN
  • Dr. Norman Hoffman

Date: March 25th, 9:30am-4:00pm at Thomson House 

Facebook event:

Please use this link to register! Free lunch is included: Registration: