Your Made by McGill Story

McGill Education has helped to shape society through advancements in human development in the complex areas of teaching and learning, kinesiology and physical health, as well as psychology and mental wellness. With each graduating class, we send new scholars and experts into the world, making immediate impacts and ones that will resonate with future generations.

How did your McGill Education experience influence your life journey? What's your Made by McGill story? We want to hear about your achievements; stories of innovation and mentorship. Stay connected with McGill and let us share your story.


Peter Balyta's Made by McGill Story:

Made by Math

"McGill made me realize that a solid foundation in math is the best way to help students process complex information and make sense of the world. Today, I lead teams that are passionate about helping students develop a deeper understanding of math and science, giving them the tools and confidence to pursue STEM careers. Our economy, our country and our global community depend on it. McGill’s Faculty of Education made this possible for me. I am made by McGill."

Peter Balyta, BEd’94, PhD’07

President, Texas Instruments Education Technology
Cabinet Member, Made by McGill: the Campaign for Our Third Century
Chair of the Faculty of Education Advisory Board

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