Alumni in the Headlines

Sally Armstrong
(BEd 1966)

Mike Babcock 
(BEd (PE) 1986)

link to mike babcock's stanley cup win
Mike Babcock

Peter Balyta
(BEd (Math) 1994

PhD (Math/Tech) 2007)

George Burnett (BEd 1985)

Randy Chevrier
(BEd (Phys Ed) 2000)

link to Randy Chevrier

Mélodie Daoust (BEd (Phys Ed) 2017)

Amey Doyle
(BEd (Phys Ed) 2002,
MA (Exercise & Sport Psych) 2005)
Martine Dugrenier
(BEd (PE) 2010)

Gillian Florence

Robert Houle
(BEd 1975)

Kerry Kaufman
(BEd (Elem) 1995)

Kid Koala/Eric San 
(BEd (Elem) 1996)

Donovan King 
(BEd (Sec Eng) 2010)
Jamie Kompon
(BEd (PE) 1989)
Charline Labonté
(BEd (PE) 2012,
MA (Sport Psych.) 2015)

Ray Lalonde 
(BEd (PE) 1986)

Alexander McComber
(MEd 1996)


Brianna Miller
(BEd (Phys Ed) 2014)

Bryan Murray (BEd (PE) 1964)

Matt Nichol
(BEd (Sec PE/History) 1998)
Kevin O’Neill
(BEd (Elem) 1979)

Samantha Rapoport
(BEd (Kin) 2004)

Martin Raymond (BEd 1990,
MEd 1996)
Kim St-Pierre 
(BEd (PE-Kin) 2005)

H. Nigel Thomas
(DipEd, 1976)

Heather White
(BEd (K/Elem) 2011)

link to heather white

Andy Williams
(BEd (PE) 1997)

link to Andy Williams

Kathleen Wootton 
(BEd (Elem) 1985
MA (Ed. Leadership) 2002)

Rachel Zellars
(PhD (Ed. Studies) 2017)



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