Public Education is for Everyone


Making Safer Spaces takes all kinds of work.

“Public Education is For Everyone” is a message that McGill University’s Social Equity and Diversity Education Office wants to send out loud and clear.  The SEDE Office is now in its tenth year of working, growing, and changing.  Along the way, we have learned a lot about what it takes to make a large institution like McGill a more welcoming and inclusive place for members of marginalized and underrepresented groups.  We have also learned a lot about social justice education.  As a result, we are adding a public awareness strategy to our roster of learning tools and programs.


In recent years, McGill University has moved forward on a number of initiatives to make our campuses more inclusive and accessible for people with a range of needs and experiences.  Many of these initiatives have emerged from the hard work and advocacy of members of marginalized groups.  In working and talking with these folks, we learned that myths and misconceptions about equity, diversity, and marginalization create a barrier in getting this work done.

“Public Education is for Everyone” is one way that SEDE is contributing to decreasing barriers and increasing inclusion at McGill.  The themes and topics we address in this campaign are taken from research, lived experience, and real challenges we face at McGill.  Our goals are simple:

  1. Demystify the concepts and language of social equity and diversity.

  2. Share knowledge and make the learning tools and programs available at SEDE more accessible to folks at both of McGill’s campuses, and to our friends and community.

  3. Create more opportunities to learn about and engage with issues of equity and diversity.

This year, we will provide more learning tools online, share more of our work across both campuses, and create more opportunities for you to get in on the conversation.  We will be updating content regularly on this site, and sending the message out on facebook and twitter.  Come back and check us out soon!

For learning tools and resources, browse through one of our three themes below!



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