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Professional Development

Non-Credit Professional Development and the Distinguished Educators Seminar Series

The sponsorship of seminars for professional educators has a long history at LCII (formerly CEL). The Distinguished Educators Seminar Series helped to consolidate the role of LCII as a key player in professional development in leadership. Since 1998 these seminars have attracted participants from all over North America and Europe.

The Seminar Series seeks to:

  • provide all stakeholders in today’s schools with a common language for dialogue on improving schools and schooling;
  • build knowledge, strategies and basic skills to link theory to practice;
  • offer a condensed overview of the books and articles that educators wish they had time to read;
  • inspire educators to follow emerging research-based knowledge to continually improve their practice; and
  • create a community of learners that includes teachers, principals, school board personnel, trustees, non-teaching professionals and parents.

For more descriptions of the seminars and information about rates and registration please visit the Distinguished Educators Seminar webpage.

Professional Development for Credit and Graduate Certificates in Educational Leadership

Under the auspices of The Department of Integrated Studies in Education, the Director of LCII is also Director of the Graduate Certificates in Educational Leadership Programs. For more information about the Graduate Certificates in Educational Leadership please visit the appropriate DISE webpage.