Undergraduate Program Information

The department currently offers the following programs:

Undergraduate Programs

Both undergraduate programs allow students to put theory into practice through Practical Field experience opportunities in each year of study and also the possibility of attaining Coaching Theory certification.

Upon graduation there are a wide range of opportunities for work in the areas of:

  • exercise prescription, evaluation and supervision in settings of healthy individuals as well as those with special needs;
  • management of sports, professional and amateur athletic associations;
  • leadership roles in physical fitness and wellness centers;
  • management of sports and exercise Governing bodies;
  • sport, physical conditioning and physical rehabilitation equipment industry.

Because of its wide knowledge-base in both biological and social sciences our programs open doors to further academic training both at the undergraduate and at the graduate level.

Minor in Kinesiology for BSc students

The minor in Kinesiology is designed to provide students in BSc programs with basic but comprehensive knowledge of human physical activity and its relationship with health and well-being.

For more detailed program information and program requirements please refer to the following documents and links: