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Dr. David J Pearsall

Associate Professor
Dr. David J Pearsall
Contact Information

475 Pine Avenue West
Montreal, Quebec H2W 1S4


514-398-4400 Ext 0472
Email address: 
david.pearsall [at]
Kinesiology and Physical Education
Biomechanics Lab: Ice Hockey Research Group (IHRG)
Areas of expertise: 

Biomechanics, human locomotion -running on irregular terrains, applied ice hockey research.


B.A., B.P.H.E., M.Sc., Ph.D.(Qu.)

Selected publications: 

Shell, J. R., Robbins, S. M. K., Dixon, P. C., Renaud, P. J., Wu, T., Turcotte, R. A., & Pearsall, D. J. (2017). Skating start propulsion: three-dimensional kinematic analysis of elite male and female ice hockey players. Sports Biomechanics, 1-12. doi:10.1080/14763141.2017.1306095

Renaud, P. J., Robbins, S. M. K., Dixon, P. C., Shell, J. R., Turcotte, R. A., & Pearsall, D. J. (2017). Ice hockey skate starts: a comparison of high and low calibre skaters. Sports Engineering, 1-12. doi: 10.1007/s12283-017-0227-0

Dixon, P.C., Loh J.J., Michaud-Paquette, Y., & Pearsall, D.J. (2016) biomechZoo: An open-source toolbox for the processing, analysis, and visualization of biomechanical movement data. Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine

Turcotte, R. A., Renaud, P., & Pearsall, D. J. (2016). Ice Hockey Skate, Stick Design and Performance Measures. In The Engineering Approach to Winter Sports (pp. 311-326). Springer New York.

Fortier, A., Tourcotte, R.A., & Pearsall, D.J. (2014). Skating mechanics of change-of-direction manoeuvres in ice hockey players. Sports Biomechanics, 13(4), 341-350

Ouckama, R, Pearsall, D. (2014) Projectile Impact Testing of Ice Hockey Helmets: Headform Kinematics and Dynamic Measurement of Localized Pressure Distribution, in Proceedings of the IRCOBI, 2014, IRC–14–16 Berlin, Germany, Sept 10-12

Pearsall, D., Turcotte, R., Levangie, M., & Forget, S. (2013). Biomechanical Adaptation in Ice Hockey Skating. Routledge Handbook of Ergonomics in Sport and Exercise, 37.

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Ouckama, R. and D.J. Pearsall. (2012) Impact performance of ice hockey helmets: head acceleration versus focal force dispersion. DOI:10.1177/1754337111435625

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Research areas: 
Biomechanics and Neuroscience
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