Spring 2020 Virtual Convocation - Master's and Doctoral Graduates of KPE


Published: 19Jun2020

On behalf of the Dept. of Kinesiology & Physical Education, Congratulations to all our Master's and Doctoral Graduates!

Kathleen Belanger-Finn, M.A.

Supervisor: Dr. Gordon Bloom
Thesis Title:  Understanding intrapersonal knowledge in successful female Canadian University coaches

Laura Camplani, M.A.

Supervisor: Dr. William James Harvey
Thesis Title:  Exploring the physical activity and exercise participation of adults with mental health problems

Yasmine Coovadia, M.Sc.

Supervisor:  Dr. Charlotte Usselman
Thesis Title:  Beat by beat fluctuations in blood pressure during acute sympatho-inhibition: The effect of sex

Dorelle Hinton, Ph.D.

Supervisor:  Dr. Caroline Paquette
Thesis Title:  The fine-tuning network: an investigation into the neural correlates of gait cycle adjustment and adaptation to split belt treadmill locomotion

Francois Jarry, M.Sc.

Supervisor: Dr. Shane Sweet
Thesis Title: The effect of model similarity on exercise self-efficacy among adults recovering from a stroke

Aaron Manning, M.Sc.

Supervisor:  Dr. David J Pearsall
Thesis Title:  Measuring Ice Hockey shot accuracy with precision: A 3D puck flight simulation

Samantha Quinn, M.Sc.

Supervisor: Dr. Celena Scheede-Bergdahl
Thesis Title: Cranberry-derived polyphenol supplementation to mitigate the effects of a high-fat diet on skeletal muscle contractility in rats

Aimée Quintana Berumen, M.Sc.

Supervisor: Dr. David J Pearsall
Thesis Title: A study of lower body kinematic adaptations to bank curves: Does running kinematic patterns on a bank and flat indoor track differ?

Dana Raffoul, M.Sc.

Supervisor: Dr. Dennis Jensen
Thesis Title: Validation and responsiveness of wearable biometric technology to monitor cardiac and ventilatory parameters at rest and during exercise in COPD

Md. Rezuanul Haque Saikat, M.Sc.

Supervisor: Dr. Dilson Rassier
Thesis Title: Contractile properties of skeletal muscles in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy


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