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Courses and Timetables

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Course sequencing 

The Learning Sciences Concentration seeks to acquaint students with current theories and research on Teaching and Learning and their application to real-world and designed environments, while exploring other topics of interest in educational psychology. The degree has specific individualized curriculum progression, from required foundational courses to advanced content courses (both practical and research-oriented). These specific sequences were developed based on an evolution of content covered in previous course work.  Each semester's offerings build upon topics covered and competencies developed in earlier courses and are crucial to receiving the most meaningful training for successful completion of the degree. Please consult the tables below related the Master of Education (M.Ed.); Educational Psychology (Non-Thesis) — Learning Sciences (48 credits).

Note: To ensure that you are following the correct trajectory of courses, please select the year in which you were first admitted to the program. 

Ed Learning Sciences Concentration Schedules Fall 2021/ Winter 2022

Graduate Calendar Listing 

Degree Requirements

The program timetables listed above outline the progression of a typical full-time student completing 12 credits per semester. 

Part-time students are able to complete the program over a longer period, up to 5 years from initial registration in the program, however, they must follow the outlined curriculum progression by completing the Required Foundation Courses before enrolling in any of the Complementary or Practical (Field Work/Internship and Special Activity) courses.

Part-Time students are required to complete Year 1 required courses and 500-level complimentary courses prior to moving to Year 2 required and advanced 600-level complimentary courses. Student can arrange to meet with a edpsych.education [at] mcgill.ca (subject: Consultation%20for%20course%20selection%20-%20MEd%20Learning%20Sciences) (Program Coordinator) to select courses for enrolling after a review of the schedules above.

To view current course offerings & schedules, use the Minerva Dynamic Schedule - Class Schedule Search.



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