Administrative staff

For general inquiries please contact [at]

For questions related to specific programs:

  • Counselling Psychology, please email: [at]
  • School/Applied Child Psychology, please email: [at]
  • Human Development, Health Professors Education, Learning Sciences, or M.Ed. Concentrations in Educational Psychology, please email: [at]
  • Professional Development Programs (Certificates, Diplomas, etc.) and undergraduate minors, please email: [at]

For questions regarding the Psychoeducational and Counselling Clinic and the Assessment Materials Resource Centre please email [at]

Happiiness Anekwe


Happiness Anekwe
Student Affairs Coordinator (on leave)
Provides administrative support for academic student affairs.

514-398-4244 | happiness.anekwe [at] (Email )

Robb Jamieson


Robb Jamieson
Student Affairs Coordinator (part-time)
Provides administrative support for academic student affairs.

514-398-4244 | Robb.jamieson [at] (Email )

Charlotte McCaffrey

Charlotte McCaffrey
Frontline Administrative Coordinator
First point of contact for the public, faculty members, and staff.

514-398-4242 | charlotte.mccaffrey [at] (Email)

Jenna McLeod
Frontline Student Affairs Coordinator
First point of contact for matters related to academic student affairs.

514-398-4242 | jenna.mcleod [at] (Email)

Pachael Muncaster


Rachael Muncaster
Administrative Coordinator/ Assessment Materials Resource Centre Coordinator / Clinic Coordinator
Serves a dual role as Clinic and AMRC Coordinator, among other administrative duties.

514-398-4363 | rachael.muncaster [at] (Email)


Angela Ngaira
Graduate Program Administrator
Oversees the administration of both graduate and undergraduate student affairs and works closely with Graduate and Undergraduate Program Directors.

514-398-4245 | angela.ngaira [at] (Email)

Samantha Ryan
Administrative Officer
Reports directly to the Chair and manages the administrative office. All ECP support staff report to the AO.

514-398-4260 | Samantha.ryan [at] (Email)

Photograph of Emelia Triplet


Emelia Triplet 
Administrative and Student Affairs Coordinator (on leave)
Assists both the Administrative Officer and the Graduate Program Administrator.

514-398-4248 | emelia.triplet [at] (Email)


Please click on the following link for a list of Program Directors.