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Canada Research Chairs

The federal Canada Research Chairs program stands at the centre of a national strategy to make Canada one of the world's top countries in research and development. In addition to their teaching and research functions in the Department of Educational & Counselling Psychology, the following faculty members are CRC Chairholders:

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Professor Lajoie

Susanne Lajoie

Canada Research Chair, Tier 1, in Advanced Technologies for Learning in Authentic Settings    

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(514) 398-3429
susanne.lajoie [at] mcgill.ca (Email)

Research involves

Improving the quality of teaching, training and learning in science and medicine through the design of realistic and technology-rich learning environments.


This research will lead to technology innovation in education by designing effective digital media tools with real-world relevance.

Krista Muis

Associate Professor;
Canada Research Chair, Tier 2, in Epistemic Cognition and Self-Regulated Learning  

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(514) 398-3445
krista.muis [at] mcgill.ca (Email)

Research involves

Improving students’ mathematical and scientific thinking and reasoning through the development of learners’ epistemic cognition and self-regulatory skills.


This research will lead to the development of instructional interventions to improve learning outcomes in mathematics and science.

Victoria Talwar

Associate Professor;
Canada Research Chair, Tier 2,
in Developmental Psychology and Law

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(514) 398-3438
victoria.talwar [at] mcgill.ca (Email)


Research involves

Exploring how children develop honest or dishonest traits and the risk factors associated with dishonesty.


This research will develop interview protocols and methods to promote children’s honesty in legal, forensic and educational settings.


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