Message from the Chair

Welcome to the Department of Educational & Counselling Psychology!

We are a vibrant scholarly and professional community who are committed to the advancement of scientific knowledge and practice in education and psychology from both a research perspective that advances theories in this field as well as an applied perspective that informs practice in the community. We have strong interdisciplinary partnerships with scholars across Canada and internationally as well as community partners and collaborations.


The Department is concerned with life-long learning and the development of human potential in a variety of settings. Our research and educational programs explore and seek to gain greater understanding on the influence of social-cultural, cognitive, informational and social-emotional dimensions that influence diverse developmental trajectories. Researchers pursue theoretical issues related to the nature of learning, the uses of technology and other media in promoting learning, social equity, cultural diversity and wellness. Others conduct research on cognitive processes, developmental neuroscience and social-emotional development on diverse populations across the lifespan. Others still examine assessment methods that can be used to determine best interventional practices for our youth to foster their educational achievements, mental health and well-being.


While our research and professional endeavours are diverse, we are united in our desire to gain knowledge that will help in our professional lives to serve others – children, youth and adults in educational, mental health and other community settings. Many of our faculty seek to address issues of inclusion, diversity and access in educational, mental health and other settings in the wider community. I encourage you to explore our Faculty profile pages to learn more about our scholarly and research programs.


The Department has a flourishing research and learning environment where there is a strong emphasis on knowledge translation. Students are actively encouraged to collaborate and work with others in these scholarly and research endeavours. Our students have wide-ranging interests and our graduates are actively engaged in collaboration with faculty and other students to learn, create and develop practical knowledge and skills and advance scientific knowledge that can benefit our communities. The Department offers courses and programs designed to further students’ knowledge and expertise. Please consult our Program pages to learn more about the different graduate programs in our department and various training and course offerings. We encourage students to take active roles in the department and within their field. The Department and faculty members offer a lively and exciting opportunity to engage in research, teaching and clinical practice. We hope you will join us in our efforts!

Victoria Talwar, Ph.D.

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