Winter 2006


Friday, Feb. 17, Zhihao Yu (Carleton University),
A Theory of Endogenous Yardstick Competition [.pdf]

Monday, Feb. 27, 4:00pm in Leacock 738, David Lee (University of California, Berkeley),
Training, Wages, and Sample Selection: Estimating Sharp Bounds on Treatment Effects [.pdf]

Friday, March 3, Yazid Dissou (Ottawa University),
Efficiency and Sectoral Distributional Impacts of Output-Based Emissions Allowances

Montreal Econometrics Seminar:

Friday, March 10, 3:30pm in Leacock 232, Whitney Newey (MIT),
GMM with Many Weak Moment Conditions [.pdf]

Friday, March 17, Gorkem Celik (University of British Columbia),
Counter Marginalization of Information Rents under Collusion [.pdf]

Montreal Economic Theory Seminar:

Friday, March 24, 3:30pm in Arts 260, Larry Karp (University of California, Berkeley),
A proposal for the reform of the Kyoto Protocol: escape clauses under cost uncertainty [.pdf]

Friday, March 31, Ken Sokoloff (UCLA),
The Decline of the Independent Inventor: A Schumpeterian Story [.pdf]

Friday, April 7, Stephen Turnovsky (University of Washington),
The Dynamics of Wealth and Income Distribution in a Neoclassical Growth Model [.pdf]

Thursday, April 13, Leacock 429, Michael Beenstock (Hebrew University),
Longitudinal Aanalysis of Earnings Assimilation Among Immigrants in Quebec [.pdf]

Wednesday, April 19, 3:30pm in Leacock 429, Bill Collins (Vanderbilt University),
The Demographic Effects of Household Electrification in the United States, 1925 to 1960 [.pdf]

Thursday, April 20, 4:00pm in Leacock 429, Shin-Yi Chou (Lehigh University),
The Impact of National Health Insurance on Infant Health Outcome: A Natural Experiment in Taiwan [.pdf]

Montreal Economic Theory Seminar:

Friday, April 21, 3:30pm in Leacock 232, Roberto Serrano (Brown University),
Marginal Contributions and Externalities in the Value [.pdf]

Montreal Econometrics Seminar:

Friday, April 21, 3:30pm in Arts 160, Joel Horowitz (Northwestern University),
Nonparametric Instrumental Variables Estimation of a Quantile Regression Model [.pdf]

Friday, April 28, 3:30pm in Leacock 429, Alexandre Mas (University of California, Berkeley), "Productivity spillovers in the Workplace"

Wednesday, May 31, 3:30pm in Leacock 429, Kamil Saggi (Southern Methodist University),
On the emergence of an MFN club: equal treatment in an unequal world [.pdf]

Wednesday, June 7, 3:30pm in Leacock 429, Guiomar Martin-Herran(Universidad de Valladolid),
On the Effect of Resource Exploitation on Growth: Domestic Innovation vs. Foreign Direct Investment [.pdf]

Friday, June 9, in Leacock 429 at 3:30pm, Julian Jamison (University of California, Berkeley) "Do Risk Takers Floss? Experimental Economics and Health"


Fall 2005


Our seminars are joint with CIREQ

Wednesday, Sept. 14 in Leacock 917 at 4:00pm, Dan Bogart (University of California Irvine),
How do Institutional Innovations Diffuse? Evidence from Turnpike Trusts in Eighteenth-Century England [.pdf]

Friday, Sept. 23, Marcia Shafgans (London School of Economics), in Leacock 232
A Method of Moments Estimator for Semiparametric Index Models [.pdf]

Friday, Sept. 30, Matthieu Chemin (University of Quebec at Montreal),
Does the Quality of the Judiciary Shape Economic Activity? Evidence from India [.pdf]

Friday, Oct. 7, Bram Cadsby (University of Guelph),
Sorting and Incentive Effects of Pay-For-Performance: An Experimental Investigation [.pdf]

Wednesday, Oct. 12 at 4:00pm, Karen Clay (Heinz School of Public Policy and Management, Carnegie Mellon University),
Anarchy, Property Rights, and Violence: The Case of Post Gold Rush California [.pdf]

Thursday, Oct. 27 at 4:00pm, Mauricio Drelichman (University of British Columbia),
Sons of Something: Taxes, Lawsuits and Local Political Control in Sixteenth Century Castile [.pdf]

Friday, Nov. 4, Dan Kovenock (Krannert School of Management, Purdue University),
Electoral Poaching and Party Identification [.pdf]

Friday, Nov. 18, Jean Boivin (Columbia University),
DSGE Models in a Data Rich Environment [.pdf]

Friday, Nov. 25, Fanis Tsoulouhas (North Carolina State University),
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Agent Behavior and Efficiency in Open and Closed Organizations [.pdf]

Monday, Dec. 5, in Leacock 738 at 4pm, Justin Phillips (Columbia University),
Does the Citizen Initiative Undermine Party Government? [.pdf]

Monday, Dec. 12, Leacock 429 at 4:00pm, Erik Eyster (London School of Economics),
Cursed Markets