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Director, Max Bell School of Public Policy; Chair, Canada's Ecofiscal Commission

PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Wilson Hall, Room 211
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Macro Policy
Monetary Policy
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The Canadian Priorities Agenda: Policy Choices to Improve Economic and Social Well-Being

The Canadian Priorities Agenda is designed to stimulate debate about Canada's policy priorities over the medium term. Governments cannot do everything and thus they must choose which policies to pursue and which to leave behind. Such choice requires comparing the costs and benefits of very different policies. The complete book is now available at the website for the Institute for Research on Public Policy. The editors' PDF icon introduction and the editors' PDF icon epilogue are available here.



In the Spring of 2004, Bill Watson and I edited a book on Canadian government debt for the Institute for Research on Public Policy called Is the Debt War Over? Dispatches From Canada's Fiscal Frontline.

Click here for our PDF icon Introductory essay.

General Economic Policy

Inflation and Monetary Policy

(© Bank of Canada. Reprinted with permission)

(© Bank of Canada. Reprinted with permission)

(© Bank of Canada. Reprinted with permission)

Mandated Job Security in Labour Markets

RRSPs and National Saving

Long-Term Labour Contracts

Economics (14th Canadian Edition)

This principles of economics textbook is now in its 14th Canadian edition. The latest edition was published in February 2013.

The textbook is published by Pearson Canada. The textbook is available as a single hard-cover comprehensive volume (Economics) or as soft-cover splits, Microeconomics and Macroeconomics.



World Economic Affairs


I was the Editor-in-Chief of World Economic Affairs from its inception in the summer of 1996. We published eight issues over the next three years. WEA is no longer being published, but if there is someone "out there" who would like to bankroll it, we could dust it off anytime!

Below you will find a selection of articles and columns from the various issues, beginning with my editorials. All are in PDF format.


My editorials from World Economic Affairs:

PDF icon Summer 1996: Globalization and the Nation State 
PDF icon Winter 1997: The Death of Inflation
PDF icon Spring 1997: The Debate Over Labour-Market Flexibility
PDF icon Autumn 1997: The Evolution of Fiscal Responsibility
PDF icon Spring 1998: The Demise of the 'Left-Right' Split
PDF icon Winter 1999: When Will We Learn the Easy Lessons
PDF icon Autumn 1999: Free Trade and Political Courage
PDF icon Autumn 2000: The Deceptive Exchange-Rate Debate


Selected articles and columns from World Economic Affairs:

PDF icon Summer 1996: Table of Contents

Pierre Fortin, PDF icon What Can Be Done About Exchange Rates That Move Too Much?

William Robson, PDF icon Resisting the Lure of Fixed Exchange Rates

Paul Volcker, PDF icon Challenges Facing the International Monetary System

Paul Kennedy, PDF icon The Private Sector, the Nation-State, and International Organizations

Jeffrey Sachs, PDF icon Toward Peace and Prosperity


PDF icon Winter 1997: Table of Contents

Helmut Schmidt, PDF icon The Desirability of a European Currency Union: A German Perspective

Roger Bootle, PDF icon The Death of Inflation

John Crow, PDF icon The Death of Inflation and Other Metaphors

Paul Krugman (Interview), PDF icon Fresh Thoughts From a Saltwater Economist

Jerry Hausman and Gregory Leonard, PDF icon Achieving Competition: Antitrust Policy and Consumer Welfare

John Shingler, PDF icon The Economic legacy of Apartheid


PDF icon Spring/Summer 1997: Table of Contents

Seamus Hogan, PDF icon Should Governments Mandate Job Security?

Marc Van Audenrode, PDF icon A Partial defence of Job-Security Provisions

Myron Frankman, PDF icon The Rating Game and the Chilean Model Revisited

John Kenneth Galbraith (Interview), PDF icon Unconventional Wisdom

Manuel Agosin, PDF icon Capital Inflows and Economic Policy in Chile

Archibald Ritter, PDF icon The Rise of the Chilean Model of Economic Development


PDF icon Autumn 1997: Table of Contents

Paul Martin (Interview), PDF icon Regaining Canada's Fiscal Levers

Christopher Lingle, PDF icon An Epilogue On an east Asian Summer of Truth

Oliver Landmann, PDF icon Can Switzerland Meet Its Latest Challenges?

Sylvia Ostry, PDF icon World Trade 50 Years After the Marshall Plan

Hugh Courtney, PDF icon Games Managers Should Play

Sammy Linebaugh, PDF icon Can the Private Sector Deal With Nuclear Stockpiles?

Antal Deutsch, PDF icon Pension Reform for Beginners: The Hungarian Case

Jan-Peter Olters, PDF icon On the Need for Political Union in Europe


PDF icon Spring 1998: Table of Contents

John Richards,PDF icon The Welfare State as a Valuable Work In Progress

John Pugsley, PDF icon The Welfare State as a Failed Experiment

Padraig Flynn, PDF icon The Strength and Weakness of the European Social Model

Stephen Poloz, PDF icon How Will Central Bankers Cope With a Non-Inflationary World?

Hugh Courtney, PDF icon What is Business Strategy?

Georges Tanguay,PDF icon Will Kyoto Lead to World Trade in Pollution Permits?

Christopher Barrett, PDF icon Striking A Balance in the Process of Globalization

Jan-Peter Olters, PDF icon Some Doubts About France's 35-Hour Week

Stephen Poloz, PDF icon Gold Is Still Pretty Pricey


PDF icon Winter 1999: Table of Contents

John Cleghorn (Interview), PDF icon A Case for Bank Mergers

Archibald Ritter, PDF icon Is Cuba's Economic Reform Process Paralyzed?

Hugh Courtney, PDF icon Keeping Your Options Open

Jeffrey Sachs (Interview), PDF icon The Devil's In the Details

Joseph Stiglitz, PDF icon The Future of the International Financial Architecture

Milton Friedman (Interview), PDF icon Confirmed Convictions

Jeremy Leonard, PDF icon Computers and Productivity in the Information Economy

Stephen Poloz, PDF icon Are We Headed for a Global Debt Crisis?


PDF icon Autumn 1999: Table of Contents

Patrick Crowley, PDF icon Is North America ready for Monetary Union?

Phil Riebel, PDF icon Eco-Efficiency: The Next Step Toward Sustainable Development

Brian Mulroney (Interview), PDF icon Standing Firm on Free Trade

Richard Lipsey, PDF icon Free Trade: Real Results Versus Unreal Expectations

Stanley Hartt, PDF icon Revisiting the Myths of Free Trade

James Baker (Interview), PDF icon James Baker on International Trade and Finance

William Watson, PDF icon If Canada is Number One, Why Would Anyone Leave?


PDF icon Autumn 2000: Table of Contents

Ernesto Hernandez-Cata, PDF icon Sub-Saharan Africa: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Gordon Thiessen, PDF icon The Conduct of Monetary Policy When You Live Next Door to a Large Neighbour

Michael Gavin, PDF icon Monetary Integration for Latin America: An Unbalanced Perspective

Pierre Fortin, PDF icon Should Canada Dump Its Floating Regime?

John Murray, PDF icon Revisiting the Case for Canada's Flexible Exchange Rate

Robert Mundell (Interview), PDF icon Fixed Against Flexible Exchange Rates


Newspaper and Magazine Columns


The following editorial columns have appeared in various newspapers or magazines.


The following short columns appeared in the "Overview" column in the National Post Business magazine between October 1999 and August 2001.

Radio and TV Interviews


The following radio and television interviews are available for listening or downloads:

Audio icon September 15, 2011  Interview about the state of the Canadian economy, the need for further stimulus, and the need to place more emphasis on labour-market policies than traditional macro policies. CFMU (Hamilton), 93.3 FM, hosted by Geoff Langhorne.

Audio icon August 8, 2011Interview about the downgrade of U.S. government debt, the subsequent crashes in the stock market, and what it all means for the Canadian economy. CBC Radio (Montreal), "Daybreak" (with Germain Belzil, hosted by Mike Finnerty).

Audio icon August 1, 2011  Interview about the debate over the raising of the U.S. debt ceiling, and what it means for the Canadian economy. CBC Radio (Montreal), "Daybreak" (hosted by Sabrina Marandola).

Audio icon December 14, 2008  Interview about the worsening economy, the recent large interest-rate cut by the Bank of Canada, and the need for fiscal stimulus. CBC Radio (Montreal), "All In A Weekend" (hosted by Dave Bronstetter).

Audio icon November 19, 2008  Interview about the Throne Speech and the stated economic priorities for the federal government. CBC Radio (Montreal), "Home Run" (hosted by Bernard St. Laurent).

November 14, 2008. Interview about the connection between the stock market ands the real economy. CBC National Radio, "As It Happens" (interviewed by Carol Off). Click here and then select Part 3 for the interview. My part of the 30-minute story begins at minute 8 and lasts for 6 minutes.

October 7, 2008. Interview about the desirability of the Canadian government committing itself to avoiding a budget deficit with the possible arrival of a recession. CBC National Radio, "As It Happens" (interviewed by Carol Off). Click here and then select Part 1 for the interview. My interview begins at 11:15 and lasts for roughly 7 minutes.

 October 7, 2008. Interview about the possibility of a Canadian recession and what government can do about it. CBC Radio (Montreal), "Daybreak" (hosted by Mike Finnerty).

Audio icon October 4, 2008 Interview about the implications of the passage of the $700 billion "bailout" of the financial system in the United States, and the fundamental causes of the problems. CBC Radio (Montreal), "All in a Weekend" (hosted by Dave Bronstetter).

Audio icon September 20, 2008  Interview about the events in the US financial markets -- Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Lehman Brothers, AIG, and more. CBC Radio (Montreal), "All in a Weekend" (hosted by Dave Bronstetter).

Audio icon February 1, 2008 Interview about the challenges to be faced by incoming Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney, CBC National Radio, "The Current" (hosted by Maureen Taylor, debate with Jim Stanford).

January 26, 2008 [.ram] Interview about the recent stock-market volatility, the Bank of Canada, and the coming economic slowdown, CBC Radio (Montreal), "All in a Weekend" (hosted by Dave Bronstetter).

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