• Chris Ragan Assumes Dodge Chair:
    The C.D. Howe Institute has appointed Associate Professor Christopher Ragan as the inaugural holder of the Institute’s David Dodge Chair in Monetary Policy. The Howe Institute's press release announcing the award is available here [.doc]. Prof. Ragan will be returning to McGill July 1 after 18 months as the Clifford Clark Visiting Economist in the federal Department of Finance. In 2007, he won the Faculty of Arts' H. Noel Fieldhouse Award for Distinguished Teaching. Prospective students should rest assured that this new honour will not involve any reduction in his teaching. All his colleagues extend their heartiest congratulations to Prof. Ragan for this new distinction.
  • Prof. Ngo Van Long wins Faculty of Arts Award for Distinction in Research

    Prof. William Watson, Prof. Ngo Van Long, and Prof. Nathalie Cooke at the awards ceremony - Owen Egan

    The full citation is available online.

  • Prof. Jennifer Hunt featured in The Atlantic:
    Larry Summers once famously and controversially speculated that women might be underrepresented in science and engineering because of a lack of natural aptitude. But a new paper by Jennifer Hunt, an economics professor at McGill University, suggests otherwise, looking at the high exit rates for women. "The gender gap is explained by women's relative dissatisfaction with pay and promotion opportunities," she argues, summarizing her recent research for the National Bureau of Economic Research. What's more, "this gap is correlated with a high share of men in the industry." The Atlantic Online

    Interview in McGill Reporter:
    As this Special Issue of The McGill Reporter delves into the many aspects of our working lives, who better to chat with about why we work the way we do than labour economist, Jennifer Hunt? She has done research in the areas of employment and unemployment policy, immigration, wage inequality, transition economics, crime and corruption.
    Full article available online.

    Prof. Jenny Hunt