Michelle Cho

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Assistant Professor

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688 Sherbrooke Street W
Montreal Quebec
H3A 3R1

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michelle.cho [at] mcgill.ca
East Asian Studies

Before coming to McGill, Michelle Cho was a Postdoctoral Fellow of International Humanities at Brown University, affiliated with the Departments of Modern Culture and Media and East Asian Studies, and she received her Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from the University of California, Irvine. She has published on Asian cinemas in Cinema Journal, Acta KoreanaThe Korean Popular Culture Reader (Duke UP, 2014), and Simultaneous Worlds: Global Science Fiction Cinemas (University of Minnesota, 2015). Her research on Korean wave television, video, and pop music appears in Hallyu 2.0: The Korean Wave in the Age of Social Media (Michigan UP, 2015), The International Journal of Communication, and Asian Video Cultures (Duke UP, 2017). She’s just completed a book on South Korean genre cinemas titled Genre Worlds: Global Forms and Millennial South Korean Cinema. Her current book project explores how popular media such as Korean television dramas and Kpop music videos manage the disjunctions between fantasies of globalism/cosmopolitanism, the diasporic experience, and the contradictions of uneven development. The project considers constructions of celebrity (for example, the Kpop idol-making system), Korea’s state-sponsorship of popular culture, and the ways in which Kpop’s reception beyond the bounds of national broadcast transmission influences the visual and narrative tropes of hallyu, or the “Korean culture wave." Recently published and forthcoming essays analyze the common tropes of gender-bending and meta-entertainment spectacle (i.e., fictionalized depictions of the inner workings of the culture industries) in contemporary Korean television and internet video, to explore the ways that these popular narrative forms both mitigate and expose the breakdown of conventional hierarchies and epistemological frameworks.

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Korean Film and Media
Assistant Professor