Summer 2022 Course Syllabi

EAST - Literature and Cultures Courses


EAST 211 - Intro:East Asian Culture:China

PDF icon east_211_fall_2022.pdf


EAST 212 - Intro:East Asian Culture:Japan

PDF icon east_212_fall_2022.pdf


EAST 303 - Current Topics:Chin Studies 1

PDF icon east_303_fall_2022.pdf


EAST 304 - Current Topics:Chin Studies 2

PDF icon east_304_and_relg_354_fall_2022.pdf


RELG 354 - Chinese Religions

PDF icon east_304_and_relg_354_fall_2022.pdf


EAST 493 - Spec Topics:East Asian St 1

PDF icon east_493_syllabus.pdf


EAST 494 - Spec Topics:East Asian St 2

PDF icon east494.gsfs402_fall_2022_online_version.pdf


EAST 501 - Adv Top in Japanese Studies 1

PDF icon east_501_fall_2022.pdf


EAST 504 - Adv Top in Chinese Studies 2

PDF iconeast_504_fall_2022.pdf


EAST 515 - Seminar: Beyond Orientalism

PDF icon east_515_fall_2022.pdf


EAST 533 - Classical Chinese 1

PDF icon east_533_fall_2022.pdf









EAST - Language Courses


EAST 220D1 - First Level Korean

PDF icon east_220d1_fall_2022.pdf


EAST 230D1 - First Level Chinese

PDF icon east_230d_fall_2022_winter_2023.pdf


EAST 240D1 - First Level Japanese

PDF icon east_240_sec_001_and_002_fall_2022_winter_2023.pdf


EAST 240D1 - First Level Japanese

PDF icon east_240_sec_003_fall_2022_winter_2023.pdf


EAST 241 - Japanese Writing Beginners 1

PDF icon east_241_fall_2022.pdf


EAST 320D1 - Second Level Korean

PDF icon east_320d1_fall_2022.pdf


EAST 330D1 - Second Level Chinese

PDF icon east_330d1_fall_2022.pdf


EAST 340D1 - Second Level Japanese

PDF icon east_340d1_f22_syllabus.pdf


EAST 341 - Japanese Writing Intermed. 1

PDF icon east_341_fall_2022.pdf


EAST 430D1 - Third Level Chinese

PDF icon east_430d1_fall_2022_winter_2023.pdf

PDF icon east_430d1_class_schedule_fall_2022.pdf


EAST 440D1 - Third Level Japanese

PDF icon east_440_fall_2022_winter_2023.pdf


EAST 530D1 - Fourth Level Chinese

PDF icon east_530d1_fall_2022.pdf


EAST 540D1 - Fourth Level Japanese

PDF icon east_540_f22_syllabus.pdf











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