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Research Software

Our team provides the McGill research community with support and guidance on the access, use and development of research software and services. 

Available services and support



Grant Development

The DRS team is available to consult on the preparation of grant applications requiring advanced research computing resources, research data management and research software. 

Technical Consultation

We provide guidance on software development best practices, software compilation and configuration on ARC resources or research gateways architecture, design and deployment.


drs [at] (subject: RS%20Consultation) (Book a consultation )


Available Software and Cloud Directive

McGill University

We can help you explore the software and services offered by McGill ITS and understand the McGill Cloud Directive which provides oversight on the acquisition of external digital services. Additional information and resources for the Cloud Directive and cybersecurity tools and resources are described in our cybersecurity section

Calcul Québec and The Digital Research Alliance of Canada

McGill University is a member of Calcul Québec and the Digital Research Alliance of Canada (formerly Compute Canada) federation. An extensive catalog of research software is already installed and maintained on all national supercomputer clusters. If you want to request an addition to their software list, simply support [at] (subject: Request%3A%20addition%20to%20the%20CCF%20software%20repository) (contact their helpdesk). The Alliance also provides funding opportunities on their Research Software page.


There are many learning resources and ongoing training opportunities on topics related to Research Software. Please consult our DRS Training section for a complete list of partners and resources.


If you have any questions related to research software

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