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Research Data Governance Info Session

McGill Institutional RDM Strategy

Recognizing research data as a major research asset is an important steppingstone in the pursuit of academic excellence. Research activities in many domains create increasingly larger volumes of data that are challenging to manage and analyze effectively. Making research outputs discoverable, reproducible, and reusable are foundations and principles of modern scholarship. Research Data Management (RDM) is an integral part of research. RDM practices enable compliance with fast evolving ethical, legal, cultural, and commercial requirements and are a key factor in safeguarding research when necessary.

As part of its strong commitment to research excellence, McGill will lead in the development of tools, support, and guidance to enable its researchers to manage their research data to the highest standards across the research data lifecycle. The McGill RDM Strategy represents the initial institutional vision for the enhancement of RDM practices across all academic domains.

The latest version of McGill RDM Strategy is available in two formats:


How was the McGill RDM Strategy created?

Led by the Office of the Vice-President (Research and Innovation), an RDM Strategy Working Group, advised by an RDM Strategy Advisory Group of faculty members, was formed to develop McGill's institutional RDM strategy. This strategy meets the Tri-Agency RDM Policy, requiring each post-secondary institution and research hospital that are eligible to administer Tri-Agency funds to create and publicly post an institutional RDM strategy.

Throughout the 2022 academic year, the DRS Team held information sessions for public consultation on the draft Institutional RDM Strategy. All faculty, staff and students from the McGill research community were invited to read the RDM strategy draft, participate in the information sessions, and provide feedback. Consultation activities culminated with a series of theme based Town Halls in October 2022.

     Four Information Sessions were offered in the Summer 2022:

    • July 11th
    • July 21st
    • August 1st
    • September 16th

    Three Town Hall sessions were held in the Fall 2022:

    • For Social Sciences & Humanities (SSHRC Funded) Researchers: October 13th
    • For Natural Sciences & Engineering (NSERC Funded) Researchers: October 18th
    • For Medicine and Health Sciences (CIHR Funded) Researchers: October 20th


    Send us your feedback anytime

    Although the consultations have come to a close, all comments, questions or feedback about the McGill RDM strategy can still be communicated to the DRS Team at drs [at] (subject: Feedback%20on%20McGill's%20Institutional%20RDM%20Strategy, body: Please%20mention%20your%20role%20at%20McGill%20(Faculty%2C%20Student%2C%20Staff%2C%20Administrator))



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