DOvEE: A to Z


First and foremost, in order to be a participant in the DOvEE Project, you must undergo the 'Eligibility Process' to determine if you are qualified.

The 'Eligibility Process' can be done over the phone with a DOvEE Research Assistant, during which you will be questioned about your basic profile and current medical situation, such as your age, what symptoms you are presenting, and the active duration of these symptoms.  

NEW* : The 'Eligibility Process' can now be done online! Complete this web questionnaire to determine your eligibility status.



















Once you have been deemed eligible to participate in the DOvEE Project, you will be offered TWO standard appointments

Your first appointment will consist of a special blood test, specifically called the CA125 Blood Test, and a Trans-Vaginal Ultrasound. 

You will also complete a Consent Form and a Short Questionnaire



Your second appointment will take place 6 to 8 weeks after your 1st appointment, and will consist of repeating the CA125 Blood Test

During your second appointment, you will also complete a Short Questionnaire.



Six months after you have undergone your second appointment, you will be verbally followed-up by one of the DOvEE Team Members.

This unique telephone appointment provides our patients with the invaluable opportunity to update us with any recent medical diagnoses, in the context of gynecology. 


If you believe that you are currently experiencing any of the aforementioned symptoms, you may be eligible!

Please contact us or complete our online eligibility questionnaire to determine if you are qualified to be a DOvEE participant. 

The DOvEE Project is kindly funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and the McGill University Health Centre.