In Brief: DOvEE




The DOvEE Project was first founded in 2008 by Dr. Lucy Gilbert, now Director of the Gynecology-Oncology Division at the Royal Victoria Hospital, Glen Site, in Montreal Quebec.



DOvEE is a research-based clinic that is affiliated with the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC), one of the top-tier research-based institutes in the world.

The fundamental goal of the DOvEE research clinic is to ensure that eligible women are offered easy, fast access to imperative, yet specialized, medical examinations, which will consequently allow for the early detection and diagnosis of ovarian and endometrial cancers.



What makes the DOvEE Project stand out in its specialty, amongst other medical clinics, is simply laid out in the following three facts:

1. DOvEE's medical examinations and services are FREE for Quebecers - They are covered by the Régie de l'Assurance Maladie du Québec (R.A.M.Q.)

2. You do NOT need a referral from a physician to partake in DOvEE`s services

3. Fast appointment booking, versus other conventional clinics 
















Ultimately, the pivotal force that is driving the DOvEE Project is the amount of lives that can be saved simply by diagnosing and targeting ovarian and endometrial cancers in their early stages. In fact, statistics clearly show that a late diagnosis of ovarian cancer will result in a survival rate of 10% to 30%. Contrarily, when ovarian Cancer is diagnosed in its early stage, the survival rate increases to 93%.

Henceforth, it is simply a matter of easy and early accessibility to important medical tests that will ultimately determine the difference between life and death.


"When Ovarian Cancer is diagnosed in its early stage, the survival rate increases from [10 - 30%] to 93%"



Today, the DOvEE Project's headquarter is localized at the Royal Victoria Hospital, Glen Site, in Montreal Quebec. However, the horizon of its services do not stop at the city's borders. As our patient population expanded in size and origin over the past years, so too have our services.

To date, we have five DOvEE satellite clinics rooted in Anjou, Lachine, Laval, Saint Lambert (Longueuil), and Kirkland.

What made and continues to make DOvEE a true stellar in its speciality is the hard-working team of health care professionals. The professional DOvEE team consists of Gynecologist-Oncologists, Gynecologists, Sonographers, Nurses, and Research Assistants. Together, they assure that all our patients are meticulously taken care of.

In conclusion, DOvEE's main goal is to break down the barriers of limited accessibility to medical services and the lack of awareness regarding ovarian cancer, so that eligible, symptomatic women can be checked and treated as soon as possible. This has always been, and continues to be, the vision of The DOvEE Project.



The DOvEE Project is kindly funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and the McGill University Health Centre.