Dobson Sustainability Day in NYC 2022

Participant Testimonials

Dobson and impact200 startups at the UN Headquarter
From left to right: Charlotte Pearlstone (MentaLingual) Justin Lessard-Wajcer (Nurau); Zhe Li (FoodMap); Xining Chen (FoodMap); Edem Dugbenoo (Ozone Technology) Saba Saremi (Nurau); Tristan Zeman (Interius Farms); Sang Le (Peko Produce); Emily Chen (MentaLingual); Juliana Xu (Coolhealth); Nogieru Eghobamien (Coolhealth); Akshara Chandrabalan (Coolhealth)

Nurau co-founders and Safia Morsly-Fikai
From left to right: Saba Saremi, COO, Naurau; Safia Morsly-Fikai, Senior Trade Commissioner, Head of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Portfolio · Consulate General of Canada in New York, Justin Lessard-Wajcer, CEO and Founder of Nurau

“We had the privilege to speak at the United Nations and at the Consulate General of Canada in New
York about how the Nurau technology pioneers sustainable well-being in workplaces worldwide”
Justin Lessard-Wajcer, CEO, Founder, Nurau

Tristan Zeman speaking at podium
Tristan Zeman, President, Co-Founder, Interius Farms

“We are seeking financing and commercial partnerships. As we scale our technology and operation, we
are also looking for mentors particularly in project management, construction, and retail… Since the
event, we have been introduced to potential key investors with whom conversations are ongoing.”
Tristan Zeman, President, Co-Founder, Interius Farms

Charles-Couture-Lebrun presenting to panel of judges.
From left to right: Charles Couture-Lebrun, CEO, Off The Grid and panelists, Safia Morsly-Fikai, Gregory Larkin and James Green.

“We got a glimpse of how huge this market could be for us.. We got a really good lead with one of the
panel members. We are confident this could result in our first sale in the USA.”
Charles Couture-Lebrun, CEO and co-founder, Off The Grid

Sang Le and Arielle Lok presenting
Sang Le and Arielle Lok, co-founders of Peko Produce

“Being able to speak at the (NEW YORK!!!) Consulate General of Canada and the United Nations was a
life-changing moment for us. It felt like one of the pinnacles of our start-up journey. It was incredibly
rewarding, and we were immensely grateful to have been selected to present with a great cohort of
entrepreneurial spirits.”
Arielle Lok, Co-Founder, Peko Produce

Sarah Chamberland-Fontaine and Julia Briand presenting
Sarah Chamberland-Fontaine and Julia Briand, co-founders of unEarth

Friedrich Dehem-Lemelin presenting
Friedrich Dehem-Lemelin, co-founder of Hydrolux

Emily Chen presenting
Emily Chen, co-founder of Mentalingual

Anika Michel
Anika Michel, Government Relations Attachée / Québec Government Office in New York – Welcome Remarks


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