Sustainability Day in New York City

Launching Innovative Startups to Address Major Global Challenges

On May 25th, the Dobson Centre, in partnership with impact200, will showcase 13 sustainability-focused McGill startups at our Dobson Sustainability Day event in New York City. In a special event taking place at the Consulate General of Canada in New York from 2-5pm, these change-makers will pitch their innovative projects and meet and greet potential investors and business partners.

As part of the programming in New York, the teams will also attend meetings at the United Nations headquarters on May 26th to discuss the U.N.’s sustainability goals as well as pitch their projects.

Date: Wednesday, May 25th, 2022​

Time: 2-5 PM, followed by cocktail reception​

Location: Consulate General of Canada in New York​, 466 Lexington Av, 20th Floor,  New York 

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Event Overview

Date: Wednesday, May 25th, 2022​

Time: 2-5 PM, followed by cocktail reception​

Pitch Presentations

  • Hydrolux
  • Interius Farms
  • Nurau
  • Off the Grid
  • Ozone Technologies
  • Peko
  • Vertité

Also introducing

  • Algo
  • Coolhealth
  • Food Map
  • MentaLingual
  • Unearth



Meet the Startups



Hydrolux is a green hydrogen production company distributing to warehouses looking to transition towards fuel cell powered forklifts that will save them money, increase productivity and have a smaller impact on the planet. 

Interius Farms

Interius Farms offers clients price and business stability through locally grown produce. By growing in co-located, controlled environments, Interius can provide clients with the freshest produce while mitigating pricing and supply chain risks through long-term, price stabilized contracts. 


We are scientists, students, health professionals, influencers & advocates from Canada with one goal: to openly and honestly talk about mental health.

Off the Grid

Off The Grid offer a spinning bike that turns energy into electricity. The generated electricity is reinjected in real-time in the grid of the building reducing monthly electric bills for the gym, while a web application allows users to compete with others to reduce their ecological footprint, increasing motivation and training frequency.

Ozone Technologies

Ozone Technologies leverages advances in 3D printing and robotics to sustainably provide affordable bionic prosthetics to people living ​
in low to middle-income economies.

Peko Produce

Peko Produce delivers imperfect ​
or surplus fruits and vegetables to consumers at up to 40% off grocery prices. They are on a mission to fight food waste and promote access to affordable, healthy food.


Our tech-enabled urban farms cultivate local, pesticide-free strawberries all year long to provide consumers with a healthier, higher quality, and more sustainable product.


Algo is a service for collecting harmful, excess algae from bodies of water and transforming the algae into value-added products like biofuel and fertilizer for sustainable consumption.​


Revolutionizing healthcare access ​in the developing world by supplying ​
a sustainable, compact, and portable medical-grade cooling device to health organizations operating across the globe.​

Food Map

An interactive digital platform to reduce food waste and achieve food security by connecting local food banks, small business donors, ​and community members.​


Are you looking for ways to better cope with stress and anxiety in this time of uncertainty? Learn how to improve your emotional intelligence with this team’s gamified, scientifically backed EdTech tool. The platform helps you gain actionable insights in self-awareness, empathy, self-regulation, social skills, and motivation using the latest research in behavioural science.​


unEarth is an interactive platform ​that educates youth through the lens of environmental systems thinking. Users explore ecosystems in a choose-your-own-adventure format while learning how local actions can have global impacts.​

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