McGill Startup Tour: Toronto

Wednesday, October 2, 2019 17:00to20:00
FundThrough, 260 Spadina Ave, Toronto, Ontario, M5T 2E4 Canada

Join Toronto alumni for an evening of pitches from innovative startups fostered by the Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship, McGill's hub of entrepreneurial activity, and McGill's X-1 Accelerator, an intensive 10-week summer program designed to accelerate startups towards investment readiness and launch.

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Presenting Teams

  • ArkAngel AI: Digital prevention program for overweight people at high risk of develop type 2 diabetes to lose weight and prevent the disease before it’s too late.
  • CHK PLZ: A mobile application that streamlines the billing process at restaurants and bars, allowing customer to view and pay their bills from their own smartphone.
  • FemTherapeutics: Taking a personalized approach to treat Pelvic Organ Prolapse.
  • Geek-It! An e-commerce platform for geek culture.
  • First Mark: Software for film sets to run digitally, safely, and with less cost and effort, so that production teams focus on what matters - making great films and television.
  • LunchBox: Allows consumers to save time and money by ordering food in advance from restaurants around them. By using dynamic pricing, we offer the best price for every meal.
  • PDT Food Depot: A food redistribution network to bridge the gap between surplus food and hunger.
  • Turbodega: A collaborative software management tool that improves competitiveness of small grocery stores in Latin America -providing access to better prices, fair credits and advanced analytics.
  • VitalTracer: A medical startup whose focus is on managing cardiovascular disease in the domain of personalized medicine. Our smartwatch continuously estimates vital signs such as blood pressure and oxygen saturation.
  • Yuma: The control centre for your weekly food replenishment.
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