McGill Startup Fair 2020


New Residence Hall Ballroom, 3625 Avenue du Parc, Montreal, QC, H2X 3P8, CA

We’re going to make the startup world smaller and more navigable for you by bringing everybody you need to meet, in one place.

Startups are the most exciting and rewarding thing you can dive into after graduation. They’re high-risk, and high-reward. Once people get a taste of the speed you can innovate at within a small company, it’s hard to go back to working for big companies with hulking bureaucracies that slow you down and never give you stock options.

But to break into this secret world, you need a guide. That’s why we’re inviting to you the second annual McGill Startup Fair this winter. You’ll get to meet with recruiters and founders from startups, venture capital firms, and companies that are at the forefront of innovation and impact.

Dress well, have a positive attitude and prepare good questions!

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McGill Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship

We are the hub of entrepreneurial activity at McGill University. Our mission is to find, teach, and develop world-class entrepreneurs at McGill. We support our students, faculty, and alumni through tailored education, applied entrepreneurial frameworks, and iterative mentorship. We are currently ranked Top 8 in the category of World Top Business Incubator - Managed by University.

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