Six Foundational Axes

  1. Population Studies and Genomic Medicine

  2. RNA Therapeutics

  3. Bioprocessing, Biomanufacturing and Nanotechnology

  4. Clinical Research, Acceleration and Implementation

  5. Data Science, Bioinformatics and Computing in Personalized Medicine

  6. Ethical, Socioeconomic, and Cultural Dimensions in Genomic Research

D2R builds on a series of Foundational Axes that represent cutting edge research and development in genomics, RNA therapeutics and other supporting pillars of strength at McGill. These axes guide our search for scientific breakthroughs and show our strong commitment to inclusivity and meeting the varied needs of the community. The structure of D2R’s axes forms a dynamic and comprehensive framework (see figure below), carefully designed to encourage interdisciplinary collaborations. Within this framework, the Foundational Axes include those that are discipline-driven and vertical (e.g., genomics, RNA biology, bioprocessing), and others that are cross-cutting and interact with all axes (e.g., data science, social sciences). Each axis, with its distinct focus and expertise, collectively contributes to D2R’s overarching mission to improve genomic medicine to benefit all sectors of the population.

Figure representing D2R's interdisciplinary research strategy with multiple entry points along a discovery pipeline

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