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D2R is an interdisciplinary research initiative with multiple entry points along a discovery pipeline:

D2R's Interdisciplinary Research Framework

A revolution in medicine

D2R will leverage recently developed genomics technologies for DNA and transcriptomic and epigenomic analyses to evaluate the roles of coding and non-coding DNA and RNA variants in health and disease. Using unique biobanks of patient samples, large population cohorts, and public data sources, researchers will then establish their diagnostic and therapeutic utility. This information will be used to guide the development of RNA-based designer drugs to silence or edit genes, replace defective proteins, and improve cell-based therapeutics.

Novel computational and statistical methods, including artificial intelligence, will enable these advances by facilitating the analysis and interpretation of large datasets. A diverse network of clinical and pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry collaborators will conduct proof-of-concept clinical trials to accelerate clinical translation and commercialization. With select partners, D2R will build upon McGill’s world-leading work on delivery strategies and engage large-scale synthesis, quality control, and bioprocessing capabilities through extensive partnerships.

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