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New Video Features Blane Harvey on Sustainability and Climate Change


Published: 12Nov2020

Dr. Blane Harvey, DISE Assistant Professor and William Dawson Scholar, is the focus of the inaugural video in McGill Education's new series entitled "Faculty Features". Targeted at prospective graduate students, Faculty Features provides insight into the work and mentorship philosophies of select Faculty of Education's academics. Dr. Harvey's Faculty Feature video discusses how education ties into climate change as a way to initiate global systems and societal mindset changes.  


Dr. Harvey was also recently interviewed on the McGill Sustainability Systems Initiative Series: How can sustainability research be translated into real-world changes?

Making progress in sustainability depends upon our ability to effectively transfer knowledge and research from the laboratory to the people and organizations to propel real change. How can we maximize practical application research to promote sustainability? What are the challenges and opportunities of working in partnership with government, industry and local communities? 


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