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Media Spotlight – Adam Dubé, Victoria Talwar, and Jeffrey Derevensky, ECP, in the Montreal Gazette


Published: 21Oct2020

The Montreal Gazette shines a spotlight on Dr. Adam Dubé, Dr. Victoria Talwar, and Dr. Jeffrey Derevensky, from ECP, and their upcoming Effective Parenting event.  Each will give a talk and Q&A session about the challenges of parenting in the digital age.

Dr. Dubé will discuss the impact of remote learning and will provide resources that can help children with learning difficulties.

Dr. Talwar will discuss the pros and cons of social media. She will also address cyberbullying and internet surfing.

Dr. Derevensky, will discuss youth gaming and provide parents with tips to deal with children who are obsessive gamers.

Read the full Montreal Gazette article: MontrealGazette.com/news/parenting-online

Watch the McGill Effective Parenting coverage on CTV

And for more on the event: McGill.ca/Parenting-Series

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