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Boyd White

Academic title(s): 

Associate Professor

Boyd White
Contact Information

Education Room 351
(514) 398-4527 Ext. 00730

Email address: 
boyd.white [at] mcgill.ca
Department of Integrated Studies in Education
Areas of expertise: 
  • Art education
  • Aesthetic education
  • Aesthetics
  • Philosophy of education
  • Issues of culture and values in education
Current research: 

My research investigates the parameters of aesthetic engagement. It is both philosophically and classroom-based. The latter are my university-level classes, with implications for application at the various levels of formal education and non-formal learning. Current research, into adult processes of meaning making within museum settings, is multi-institutional  and multi-cultural. The research ties in closely with much of my undergraduate teaching and my graduate student responsibilities.

Selected publications: 

Selected publications/presentations

White, B, & Frois, J. P. (2013). Words for  artworks: The aesthetics of meaning making. The International Journal of Art & Design Education.

White, B. & Costantino, T. (Eds). (2012) Aesthetics, empathy and education. New York: Peter Lang Publishing.

White, B. (2011) Private perceptions, public reflections: Aesthetic encounters as vehicles for shared meaning making. International Journal of Education & the Arts12(LAI 2). http://www.ijea.org/v12lai2/.

White, B. (2011) Aesthetics: The problem child in the art classroom. In: ReVisions: Readings in Canadian Art Teacher Education,3rd ed. Pp. 54 – 59.

White, B. (2011) Embodied aesthetics, evocative art criticism: Aesthetics-based research. Studies in Art Education. Winter issue, 52, 2, 142 – 154.

Costantino,T.  & White, B. (Eds.) (2010) Essays on aesthetic education for the 21st century. Rotterdam: Sense Publishers.

White, B., Aesthetics (Primer Series) (2009). New York: Peter Lang Publishing.

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