Christian Ehret


Assistant Professor

christian.ehret [at] (Email)

(514) 398-4527 ext. 089777

Areas of Interest

  • Writing, literacies, and digital culture
  • Digital media and learning 
  • Affect and non-representational theory
  • Anthropology of education 
  • ​Education in children’s hospitals

Description of Research/Teaching Activities

Professor Ehret investigates affective dimensions of writing, literacies, and digital culture through anthropological modes of inquiry across schools, communities, and children’s hospitals.

Awards and Fellowships

2016                   Promising Researcher Award, National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE)|
2014-2015        Peabody Pre-faculty Fellow, Vanderbilt University

Selected publications

Articles in refereed journals

Ehret, C. (in press). Moments of teaching and learning in a children’s hospital: Affects, textures, and temporalities. Anthropology & Education Quarterly.

Ehret, C., Hollett, T., & Jocius, R. (2016). The matter of new media making: An intra-action analysis of adolescents making a digital book trailer. Journal of Literacy Research, 48(3).

Hollett, T. & Ehret, C. (2016). Civic rhythms in a media-rich, informal learning program. Learning, Media and Technology.

Ehret, C. & Hollett, T. (2016). Affective dimensions of participatory design research in informal learning environments: Placemaking, belonging, and correspondence. Cognition and Instruction, 34(3), 250-258.

Hollett, T. & Ehret, C. (2015). Bean’s World: (Mine)crafting affective atmospheres for gameplay, learning and care in a children’s hospital. New Media & Society, 17(11), 1849-1866.

Ehret, C. & Hollett, T. (2014). Embodied composition in real virtualities: Adolescents' literacy practices and felt experiences moving with digital, mobile devices in school. Research in the Teaching of English, 48(4), 428-452.

Ehret, C. & Hollett, T. (2013). (Re)placing school: Fifth-graders’ counter-mobilities while composing with mobile devices in a digital media enrichment class. Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy, 57(2), 110-119.

Chapters in academic books

Ehret, C. (in press). Mapping place, affect, and futures in an adolescent’s new media making:  Schizoanalytic cartographies. In R. Parry, C. Burnett, & G. Merchant (Eds.), Literacy, Media, Technology: Past, Present and Future. London: Bloomsbury.

Ehret, C. (2016). Moving off-screen: Pathways for understanding an adolescent’s embodied experience of new media making. In G. Enriquez, E. Johnson, S. Kontovourki, & C. Mallozzi (Eds.), Literacies, Learning, and the Body: Bringing Research and Theory into Pedagogical Practice (pp. 136-152). New York, NY: Routledge.