DH Affiliates

DH Affiliates at McGill

Digital Humanities at McGill is an interdisciplinary experience spanning across the university with our DH affiliates. Below is a directory of DH affiliates at McGill and their areas of expertise. 

DH Affiliate Department Areas of Expertise
Catherine Bradley English Digital illustration, costume design, antique textiles, seamless virtual textiles, transforming proportions
Pascal Brissette Littératures de langue française Text mining (French), database, data mining
Gwyn Campbell History Texts (French, English, Chinese, Indian, etc), database, data mining, maps and website
Martin Chandler Library Geospatial Data, Maps, Numeric Data
Frederic Charbonneau Littératures de langue française Texts (French), database, data mining
Jackie Cheung Computer Science AI, Natural language processing, Computational semantics, Natural language generation, Automatic summarization, Commonsense reasoning in text
Delphine Collin-Vezina Social Work Texts (French, English), database, data mining, numbers
Nathalie Cooke English Images, database, data mining, website
Isabelle Daunais Littératures de langue française Texts (French), database, data mining
Ollivier Dyens Littératures de langue française Impacts of technology on representation and on literatures
Sean Ferguson Music Electronic music, composition
Grace Fong East Asian Studies Ancient Chinese texts, database, data mining
Ichiro Fujinaga Music SIMSSA, Distributed Digital Music Archives & Libraries Lab (DDMAL), music recognition, OMR
Benjamin Fung Information Studies AI, data mining, security and privacy, authorship analysis
David Greene Library Emerging Technology trends (AR and VR), Digital Humanities, Information literacy
Sandy Hervieux Library Virtual Reference, Digital Humanities, Information Literacy, Upskilling
Richard Jean So English Cultural Analytics, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, McGill Text Lab
Alexandra Ketchum Gender, Sexuality, Feminist & Social Justice Studies Feminist public engagement, Public scholarship, Database, and Mapping
Svetlana Kochkina Library Visualization, network analysis, text data mining, and DH tools
Andrew Large Information Studies Taxonomy, visualization, gaming, interface design / web portals
Jessica Lange Library Open Access, Digital Publishing
Andrew MacDonald Non-affiliated Montreal-based Voyant programmer (2008-present) who has worked on several tools including Bubblelines, Cirrus, Knots, ScatterPlot and skins including Dynamic Table of Contents
Michael David Miller Library Information literacy, Wikipedia, Mobile technology, Francophonie québécoise, Information diffusion and sharing, Equity, diversity and inclusion in libraries
Claudia Mitchell Education Texts and images mining, database
Krzysztof Pelc Political Science Data mining, text analysis
Stephanie Posthumus Languages Literatures & Cultures Digital Environmental Humanities, Scalar and Neatline
Derek Ruths Computer Science Data Science, Network Dynamics
Alisa Rod Library Research Data Management Specialist, spatial data analysis and visualization, interdisciplinary applications of quantitative methods
Renee Sieber Geography / Computer Science Humanities research infrastructures, GIS, natural language processing
Jonathan Sterne Art History & Communications Studies Sound studies; media theory and historiography; science and technology studies; new media; disability studies; music; cultural studies
Clara Turp Library Linked Data, Ethical implications of Algorithms, Text Analysis, Python
Amanda Wheatley Library Artificial intelligence, gamification, information seeking behaviours, emerging technologies, information literacy
Robert Wisnovsky Islamic Studies Ancient Arab texts, database, data mining, pictural software recognition with ETS, website


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