Darin Barney (Art History & Communications Studies)

CRC media and technology

Jamshid Beheshti (School of Information Studies)

Information seeking behaviour, HCI, virtual environments

Michel Biron (French Language & Literature)

Texts (French), database, data mining

Catherine Bradley (English)

Digital illustration, costume design, antique textiles, seamless virtual textiles, transforming proportions

Pascal Brissette (French)

Texts (French and English), database, data mining

Gwyn Campbell (History)

Texts (French, English, Chinese, Indian, etc), database, data mining, maps and website

Frederic  Charbonneau (French)

Texts (French), database, data mining

Delphine Collin-Vezina (Social Work)

Texts (French, English), database, data mining, numbers

Nathalie Cooke (English)

Images, database, data mining, website

Isabelle Daunais (French)

Texts (French), database, data mining

Sean Ferguson (Music)

Electronic music, composition

Grace Fong (East Asian Studies)

Ancient Chinese texts, database, data mining

Ichiro Fujinaga (Music)

SIMSSA, Distributed Digital Music Archives & Libraries Lab (DDMAL), music recognition, OMR

Garth Greene (Religious Studies)

Taxonomy, ESTHR

Loretta Hyrat (English & French Language Center)

Digital media & Language, pedagogy, virtual learning environments

Andrew Large (School of Information Studies)

Taxonomy, visualization, gaming, interface design / web portals

Claudia Mitchell (Education)

Texts and images mining, database,

Krzysztof Pelc

Political science, data mining, text analysis

Andrew Piper (German Studies)

Images, texts (German), data mining, database

Jamil Ragep (Islamic Studies)

Arabic-script manuscripts, databases, digital imaging, text analysis

Renee Sieber (Geography / Computer Science)

Humanities research infrastructures, GIS

Stefan Sinclair (Languages, Literatures, and Cultures)

Text analysis, tools, visualization, HPC, data mining

Jonathan Sterne (Art History & Communications Studies)

historical, cultural and political significance of new media   

Robert Wisnovsky (Islamic Studies)

Ancient Arab texts, database, data mining, pictural software recognition with ETS, website


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