In Retrospect: Spectrums of DH

A virtual lectures series in memory of Prof. Stéfan Sinclair

Spectrums of DH: A virtual lecture series in honour of Stéfan Sinclair

In August of 2020, the DH community around the world was deeply saddened to learn of Professor Stéfan Sinclair's passing. In recognition of Professor Sinclair's legacy as a pioneer of Digital Humanities in Canada and at McGill, renowned scholars of DH around the world gave a range lectures for Spectrums of DH. Lecture topics included abolitionist digital pedagogy, DH Queer studies, multilingual DH, decolonial e-literature, posthuman literary studies, big data, library sciences, and more.

McGill's mission with Spectrums of DH is to open the definitions of Digital Humanities to include not only computational studies on humanities topics, but methods and approaches in the field that fall into discussions around inclusion, ethics, and diversity. The series was a huge success averaging triple-digit attendance for each lecture as well as hundreds of views and shares when we posted the video lectures to our Facebook page. 

A big thank you to our speakers: Dr. Roopika Risam, Dr. Constance Crompton, Quinn Dombrowski, Dr. Astrid Ensslin, Dr. Leonardo Flores, Dr. Andrew Piper & Alex Gil.

Spectrums of DH organizers & moderators: Dr. Cecily Raynor & Kate Bundy

*Sponsored by McGill Digital Humanities Initiatives & UdeM's Centre de recherche interuniversitaire sur les humanités numeriques (CRIHN)

Spectrums of DH poster for Roopika Risam's talk in September 2020 Spectrums of DH poster for Quinn Dombrowski's lecture in October of 2020   

Spectrums of DH poster for Constance Crompton's lecture in November of 2020 Spectrums of DH poster for Leonardo Flores's lecture in January 2021 

Spectrums of DH poster for Andrew Piper's lecture in February 2021 Spectrums of DH poster for Astrid Ensslin's lecture in March of 2021

Spectrums of DH poster for Alex Gil's lecture in April of 2021

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