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English for Professional Purposes

Dialogue McGill has mandated the McGill School of Continuing Studies (SCS) to develop and offer 8 courses of English language training to health and social service professionals. The program is called Anglais Santé and SCS is the main service provider.


Please visit the Anglais Santé website for the most up-to-date course schedules. 

Role of CIUSSS and CIUSSS 

When proposing a language training project for HSS professionals in their region CIUSSS and CISSS have 3 options 2 options for the method of course delivery:

  1. The complete training package as offered by the McGill School of Continuing Studies with the SCS as the online and onsite/in-class training provider.
  2. Offer courses in the region using a training provider of their choice.

Whichever option is chosen, students will be monitored through the same online placement test and post-program diagnostic test to ensure standards are being met.

CISSS and CIUSSS are responsible for:

  • Choosing one of the 2 methods of course delivery
  • Submitting a project proposal to Dialogue McGill in order to obtain the required budget to allow their personnel to take the courses
  • Collecting the names of employees who are in contact with English-speaking clientele and need to develop their language skills and who agree to register, write the placement test and take the courses via the method of delivery chosen by the CISSS or CIUSSS

Once your project has been accepted, all future learners recruited by the CIUSSS or CISSS take care of their own registration and placement tests.

Next call for proposals: Keep an eye on our calendar.

Who can register? 

Dialogue McGill Language Training Program will meet the needs of 3 categories of health and social services professionals 

Health Personnel  

Includes health professionals, technicians and support staff: doctors, pharmacists, nurses, X-ray technicians, patient attendants, etc.

Reception Staff  

Includes staff responsible for welcoming patients and guiding them outside of medical care such as receptionists, complaints commissioners, etc. Also included in this category are all employees dealing with the public in one way or another.

Social Services Personnel

Includes staff who manage and implement social assistance and community services or help clients to solve personal and social difficulties:   social workers, addiction workers, delinquency workers (youth centres), mental health workers, community organizers, etc...

An Award-Winning Language Training Program

In 2017, the SCS language training for HSS professionals was awarded the “Prix d’excellence” of L’Association canadienne d’éducation des adultes des universités de langue française (ACDEAULF). 

An 8 Level Language Training Program

Beginner 1, 2, 3 - Intermediate 1, 2, 3 - Advanced 1, 2

Each level includes 2 mandatory courses which complement each other, to be taken simultaneously.

  • Online Course
    • Flexible timetable within a structured framework
    • Monitor personalized academic support
    • Duration of the course: 24 hours
    • Personal commitment recommended: 2 hours per week over 12 weeks (summer session: 10 weeks)

Find out about the online course

  • Face-to-face Course
    • Distance course in virtual mode or in-class course
    • Weekly fixed timetable
    • Teacher personalized academic support
    • Duration of the course: 16 hours
    • Personal commitment recommended: 2 hours per week over 8 weeks (plus 1 introductory session for new participants 1 week before)

Find out about the face-to-face course

Credential Recognition

Having completed the training, the learner may obtain a credential recognition:

  • McGill Professional Development Certificate in English for Healthcare, or attestation
  • 10 Continuous Education Units (CEU) for each completed level       

For more information on courses, visit the Anglais Santé website. 

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