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Unit 2

Receptionists Workbook Unit2: Communication on the phone

Checking Information on the Phone

Listen to the audio file and click on the images below to get examples of questions found in the workbook.

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Module 1 - 2.1.1  Comprehension questions

Module 1 - 2.1.6    In, On and At for Time

Module 1 - 2.1.7   Practice with In, On, At and No Preposition

  Module 1 - 2.1.10 More Polite Practice


Here are some links to websites where you can learn more about the topics in the unit and further practice the different skills presented.


Tips, suggestions and useful phrases for speaking on the phone:

  • English Club
    offers you general advice on how to use English while communicating on the phone as well as other links to the telephone-related practice in English.
  • SpeakSpeak
    A glossary and a “useful phrases” bank for effective communication on the phone.

Interactive practice for making appointments on the phone:

For more activities on COULD, CAN, WOULD and SHOULD:

  • Addresses all modals and their roles in the English language.
  • A very detailed look at modals in English.

For more activities on the polite English

For more activities on adjectives:

For more activities on using by and until:

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