This website is no longer updated...

This Website is no longer updated

Oups, this website is outdated! But Dialogue McGill has a new website!

Self-Study Workbooks

To encourage the development of English language skills gained through the Language Training Program, Dialogue McGill has produced a series of self-study workbooks for French-speaking personnel in targeted job positions. Workbooks for receptionists, triage nurses, and psychosocial service providers are available free of charge, and can be ordered online through our website.  Please note that these tools were financed by Health Canada with the intention that they be used by second-language professionals and English-language learners in the fields of health and social science in the province of Quebec.  As such, you will be asked to provide the name of the Quebec education or health service institution that you are affiliated with when ordering the workbooks. The workbooks are not available for sale at this time.

To request a copy of free books and workbooks, please langue.dialoguemcgill [at] (contact us)


Triage Nurses

Psychosocial Service Providers

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