Lexicon Evaluation

In 2006 the McGill Training and Retention of Health Professionals Project undertook a process aimed at evaluating a number of existing lexicons specific to the health and social services field and...

Resources for Language Trainers

This section of the website provides links to numerous tools and materials for teaching a language for professional purposes and is designed to support the trainers and training organizations...

Health Care Forms

Accident Report [.pdf] Assessment tool_psych [.pdf] Authorization for Photos [.pdf] Autonomy Report [.pdf] Consent to Surgery [.pdf]

Teaching Materials

Links to Ready-Made Materials for Teachers Reading, listening and vocabulary development exercises for students of beginning to low-intermediate levels: Indonesia Bird Flu – reading passage and...


Annotated Bibliography and Literature Survey: Assessment of Language Proficiency in the Health and Social Services Sector This PowerPoint presentation, an Annotated Bibliography and Literature...

Teaching Methods

Links to Articles for Teachers on ESL Teaching Methodologies Pronunciation (intonation, word and sentence stress, connected speech, etc.)

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