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This Website is no longer updated

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05: Estrie

PROJECT TITLE Increasing Internship Opportunities in Anglophone Environments in Estrie   AGENCY Agence de la santé et des services sociaux de l’Estrie (ASSSE)

06: Montréal

Project 1 Project 2 Project 3 Project 4

Distance Professional Support

Distance Professional Support aims to support network professionals serving the English-speaking population....

Distance Community Support

The objective of the Distance Community Support component is to provide measures to support the creation of partnerships with a view to offering training and information in English in the public...

McGill University

French Language Centre, regular project 1 French Language Centre, regular project 2 French Language Centre, special project 1 School of Communications Sciences and Disorders, regular project 1 ...

Heritage College

Regular project Special project (2012-2013) PROJECT TITLE The West Quebec Health Care Professional Retention Program ORGANIZATION Heritage College

CEGEP Champlain - St. Lawrence

PROJECT TITLE A)   Personal Care Attendant Program B)   Development of an English component to French Language Nursing Program ORGANIZATION CEGEP Champlain - St. Lawrence PARTNERS ...


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