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Unit 1

  Here are some links to websites where you can learn more about the topics in the unit and further practice the different skills presented. More practice on phone numbers:

Listening for HSS Professionals

Health Listening Passages Beginning level and intermediate level students Topics:Scripted listening passages with text (for lower level students). Many activities: vocab, spelling, matching,...

Reading for HSS Professionals

Health related Vocabulary Health FlashcardsDownload flash cards for pain related words. Membership required- $22 a year. (note: you must click on the link on the page to get the related...

General resources for HSS Professionals

Health related topics Links to ESL websites focusing on the language used in the Health and Social Services Domain For use by teachers and students/professionals

Speaking and Pronunciation

Online Pronunciation Guides and Practice Activities Word stress in English, including rules, practice and a quiz Sentence stress in English, including rules, listening activities and a quiz ...


Games and other fun language-learning activities Crossword puzzles - for all levels (on all kinds of vocabulary topics and grammar points) Return to Resources for Language Learners

Assess your skills

Online Quizzes (all areas of language development, suitable for all levels)


General Vocabulary Development Guessing the meaning of difficult vocabulary items from context Idioms using parts of the body Word-building: nouns from adjectives Word-building: nouns from verbs


Grammar Activities Here are various links for grammar activities for all levels:


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