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Lexicon Evaluation

In 2006 the McGill Training and Retention of Health Professionals Project undertook a process aimed at evaluating a number of existing lexicons specific to the health and social services field and at identifying gaps in existing lexicons so as to strategize the future development of a lexicon specifically tailored to the needs of the project participants. A Lexicon Evaluation Committee reviewed 7 lexicons and tabled its first report in August 2006.



Lexicon Evaluation

  Lexicon Evaluation - 2006[.pdf]


Following the emergence of new material, the Committee reconvened in 2008-2009 with a new membership.  It was composed of the three original members named by our network partners: Sarah Finlayson, a school social worker from the Gaspé; Isabel Sullivan, an ESL specialist from Laval University; Marion Standish a nurse with ESL teaching experience; and two new members, Donna Lisney and Sue Harrison, both ESL specialists on the McGill THRDP team. They applied the same methodology and criteria that was used by the first Committee to review new works. The document that received the highest score is the English-French Guide to Human Services Terminology.


English-French Guide to Social Services Terminology


English-French Guide to

Social Services Terminology




Terminology Guide Evaluation

Lexicon Evaluation - 2010








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