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Educational Institutions

Retention and Distance Professional and Community Support – Call for Proposals -- 2010-13

On December 20, 2010, McGill University launched a call for proposals for retention projects for the 2010-13 period. This invitation, which included an application form as well as a guide for applicants, was addressed to educational institutions offering programs in the disciplines of health and social services.

Institutions interested in participating were invited to submit a project proposal by January 24, 2011.

Guide for Applicants 2010-13 Project guide - Educational Institutions [.doc]

Project Application Form - 2010-13: Form - Educational Institutions [.doc]

Budget Summary 2010-13 Budget summary 2010-13 [.xls]

 Application forms were to be sent to :

Ms. Mireille Marcil
Training and Retention
of Health Professionals Project
McGill University
550 Sherbrooke St. West, West Tower, Suite 775
Montreal, Québec H3A 1B9

Telephone : 514 398-3447
Email: mireille.marcil [at]

Questions about the Project Application Form or the Guide were to be addressed to:

Ms. Estelle Hopmeyer
Training and Retention
of Health Professionals Project
McGill University

Telephone : 514-398-7067
Email : estelle.hopmeyer [at]

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