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05: Estrie


Increasing Internship Opportunities in Anglophone Environments in Estrie  


Agence de la santé et des services sociaux de l’Estrie (ASSSE)


As part of this project, the ASSSE will work in partnership with Champlain College and the Lennoxville Vocational Training Centre (which are part of the Regional Committee for Internships in Assistance and Nursing Care). The project also enjoys support from the Estrie Regional Table for Human Resources, which is made up of all of the human resources directors from the region’s institutions and is involved in the PRIESH project, piloted by the CHUS in Phase 1 of the McGill Project.


The Agency’s project targets all institutions in Estrie, particularly the CHUS, the CSSS de Memphrémagog, the Intellectual Disabilities and Pervasive Development Disorders Readaptation Centre – CRDITED (Dixville Home) and the CSSS-Institut universitaire de gériatrie de Sherbrooke. The internships that will eventually be offered are intended for students who are enrolled in technical and professional programs in healthcare and social services and who are capable of meeting the needs of the English-speaking population.


As part of the A Bridge to Hiring program, the purpose of the ASSSE project is to develop the potential for internships in regional institutions by emphasizing the needs of the English-speaking population, which have not been prioritized until now. To meet this objective:

Following the efforts deployed for the PRIESH project (Estrie region retention project, coordinated by the CHUS and financed as part of the McGill Project from 2006 to 2009), the ASSSE would like to lead a study during the winter of 2012 that would identify internship possibilities in regional institutions. The agency would then analyze internship possibilities with the educational institutions concerned and develop tools that would allow them to open these internship positions and integrate them into the internship plan for the winter of 2013. Throughout the summer of 2012, the advisor to the agency’s institutions would meet the directors of the educational institutions concerned to analyse the internship possibilities. She would then keep in contact with the educational institutions to keep them informed and updated about the internship plan for the next session. She would also support health and social services institutions in preparing their internships.

BUDGET ALLOCATED FOR 2011-2012: $9,000

BUDGET ALLOCATED FOR 2012-2013: $12,500


During the first stage of its regional project (2011-2012), the Stride agency produced a study aimed at identifying internship opportunities in four institutions (CHUS, CSSS-IUGS, CSSS de Memphrémagog, CRDIRED Estrie). For each internship type and each institution, the study identified problems that could hinder the completion of these internships as well as tools that could favour it. Throughout 2012-13, the agency’s internship coordinator met with coordinators from these institutions to clarify their actual internship offerings and concretely assess feasibility. Meetings also took place with the Lennoxville Vocational Training Centre, Champlain College and Bishop’s University to identify their internship needs in the targeted programs of study as well as the objectives and characteristics of these internships. The results of this stage will materialize during the summer of 2013 with the creation of a cartography of internships in social services, which will be brought to establishments and teaching institutions. In the short term, two internships have been confirmed for winter 2013.

ACTUAL EXPENSES 2011-2012: $9,000

ACTUAL EXPENSES 2012-2013: $12,500

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