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Dr Norbert Schmitz is an Associate Professor in the departments of Psychiatry and of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at McGill University, Montreal. He was trained as a biostatistician and epidemiologist, and he has many years of experience in psychiatric research, including population health surveys. His research focuses on the effects of co-occurring physical and mental health problems. Dr. Schmitz has the full responsibility for the overall project operation, developing analytic plan, checking the accuracy of the results and publications.

Dr JianLi Wang is an Associate Professor of the departments of Psychiatry and of Community Health Sciences at the University of Calgary. He has experience in designing and operating population–based mental health studies. Dr Wang’s research areas are in psychiatric epidemiology and mental health service utilization.

Dr Ashok Malla is a Professor of Psychiatry at McGill University where he holds a Canada Research Chair in Early Psychosis. He is also the Director of the Clinical Research Division at the Douglas Hospital Research Centre in Montreal. His clinical and research interests have been primarily related to multidisciplinary research in schizophrenia and psychopathology, including quality of life, role of stress, neurobiological and social predictors of outcome, clinical trials, and community interventions to reduce delays in treatment.

Dr Alain Lesage is Professor of the department of Psychiatry at University of Montreal and a researcher in social psychiatry and health services research. Former president of the Canadian Academy of Psychiatric Epidemiology and visiting scientist at the Harvard School of Public Health, he works collaboratively with multidisciplinary academics and researchers interested in the utilization and results of epidemiological methods and surveys to assess the correlates and consequences of mental disorders, and needs for services.

Dr Irene Strychar is a Professor of Nutrition at the University of Montreal and a researcher at the Centre Hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal. Her research interests focus on nutrition and diabetes, physician screening practices for type 2 diabetes, and psychosocial factors in obesity. She is a member of the Montreal Diabetes Research Center team and TRANSNUT, a WHO Collaborating Centre at the Department of Nutrition, University of Montreal, addressing obesity prevention in developed and developing countries.

Lyne Messier is a registered dietician and a PhD student working with Dr Irene Strychar in the department of nutrition at University of Montreal. Her research focuses on weight cycling, nutrition and diabetes. Within the study, she will be investigating lifestyle behaviours such as diet, exercise and glucose monitoring.

Dr Richard Boyer is Professor and Director of Research of the department of Psychiatry at University of Montreal. His research interests focus on the mental health of populations and program evaluation. He is currently conducting two large surveys among Quebec's elderly population living in private households. These studies are conducted in collaboration with a large private research survey firm.

Genevieve Gariepy is the research coordinator for the study. She graduated from McGill University with a master’s degree in epidemiology. Within the study, she works on questionnaire formulation, data analysis, and other administrative tasks. Her other interests include the link between physical and mental health and the influence of environmental and social factors on emotional well-being.

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