Test of the McGill Emergency Notification System / Test du système de notification d’urgence de McGill

Updated: Tue, 11/13/2018 - 11:00

Test of the McGill Emergency Notification System / Test du système de notification d’urgence de McGill

Updated: November 13th, 2018 at 11h00.


“McGILL ALERT! This is a test of McGill’s Emergency Notification System. If there was an actual emergency or threat this alert would include important information to help keep you safe. We encourage you to have access to the multiple emergency communication outlets used by the university. To learn more visit www.mcgill.ca/campussafety

Please ignore this message. This Test should conclude at 11h30”

«ALERTE McGILL ! Ceci est un test du système de notification d’urgence de McGill. En cas d’urgence ou de menace réelle, cette alerte inclurait des informations importantes pour vous aider à rester en sécurité. Nous vous encourageons à avoir accès aux outils de communications utilisés par l’université. Pour de plus amples informations, visitez notre site internet : www.mcgill.ca/campussafety/fr

S'il vous plaît ignorer ce message. Le test terminera à 11h30»

5th Empirical & Theoretical (ET) Symposium

Marketing Analytics for Better Decisions

The one-day symposium features top-quality academic presentations of research in the empirical and theoretical side of marketing.

May 25-26, 2017

“We are drowning in information and starving for knowledge”

On May 25, 2017, more than 60 marketing academics in Canada gathered together for the 5th Empirical and Theoretical Symposium for Canadian Marketing Strategy at the Desautels Faculty of Management to present research ideas, provide feedback, and share commentaries. Through the conference, topics relevant to today’s changing markets, such as how news media portrays advertising and how firms conduct product recalls, were discussed.

We are proud to share that 19 students received funding to attend the conference through the generous assistance from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and other Canadian universities. Through this venture, we hope that the link between analytics and decision-making will lead to both novel and relevant knowledge production, which can:

  • further enhance the global reputation of Canadian-based marketing analytics scholars from a broad base of Canadian institutions.
  • inspire prospective scholars to study at Canadian Universities and pursue a career in Canada.
  • help organizations achieve higher competitiveness and innovation rates that will allow them to recruit better talent and start a "virtuous cycle" in the Canadian economy.

The aim of the ET Symposium is:

  • To help increase the profile and quality of Canadian research in quantitative marketing strategy
  • Bring together academics and PhD students based in Canada to discuss their research.
  • Identify and promote future directions in industrial marketing strategy research in Canada by helping academics understand topics of importance to practitioners.
  • Showcase empirical research on marketing topics. Encourage the development of high quality marketing theory.
  • Help provide a bridge to practitioners by disseminating ideas from top academic research.
  • Encourage creating knowledge networks through collaborative research in the domain.


The 5th ET Symposium is sponsored by a SSHRC Connection Grant.

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