Doctoral Students

Contact Information

Research Interest

Ghazaleh Aghili Dehkordi

Email: ghazaleh.aghili [at]
Room: 548

  • Role of IT in coordination among interdisciplinary teams

  • Knowledge sharing

  • Impact social media on shared decision making in medical domain

Fatou Bagayogo 


Seyed Eshagh (Isaac) Ashraf Vaghefi

Email: seyed.ashrafvaghefi [at]
Room: 550

  • Long-term technology use and IT addiction

  • Knowledge transfer and management

  • IT use in healthcare

Youngsok Bang

Email: youngsok.bang [at]
Room: 548

  • Business value of big data, especially in the areas of mobile commerce and social media

Qianran Jin
Email: qianran.jin [at]
Room: 562

  • Impact of information technology on individual behavior

  • User-generated content

  • Consumer rating systems

Diego Mastroianni Dela Corte

Email: diego.mastroiannidelacorte [at]
Room: 548

  • Complex collaboration

  • How new technologies (e.g., social media, online communities, wikis) influences complex collaboration and enable new forms of organizing

Salman Nazir


Bogdan Negoita


Hyelim Oh


Divinus Oppong-Tawiah

Email: divinus.oppong-tawiah [at]
Room 545

  • Individual and organizational coping and adaptation to unintended consequences of IT
  • The role of information systems in environmentally sustainable practices by organizations
  • IT-enabled startups in university entrepreneurial ecosystems

Yasser Rahrovani

Email: yasser.rahrovani [at]
Room: Bronf. 010

  • User innovation with IT

  • Business value of IT

  • IS planning, IS alignment, and IS championship

Hani Safadi 

Email: hani.safadi [at]

Karla Sayegh

Email:karla.sayegh [at]
Room: 561

  • Collaboration as a form of managing and organizing

  • How managers, professionals and/or specialists with differentiated expertise and from a variety of professional and social backgrounds work together to achieve organizational outcomes

Mahmood Shafeie Zargar

Email: mahmood.shafeiezargar [at]
Room: 548

  • Knowledge diffusion in open source communities

  • Social role of information systems in scientific collaboration

Takumi Shimizu

Email:takumi.shimizu [at]
Room: 545

  • How open data – data that can be freely used, reused and redistributed by anyone – influences open innovation and collaborative work

Zhen Zeng

Email: zhen.zeng3 [at]
Room: 562

  • Business value of IT 

  • IT Impacts on individual and organizational performance, organizational structure, and competitiveness