The center's development of a vision is a continuing effort. Currently the vision is centered on contribution to society through theoretical and applied research projects.

This vision provides direction for defining new initiatives and for suggesting benchmarks to measure the Center's progress.

The research center's intention is that, within five years, it will have significant accomplishments in the following areas:

  • Theoretical and practical research projects
  • Syntheses of research, education, and practice that mutually reinforce and enhance each other;
  • Unique and improved research and learning methods for investigating enterprise systems;
  • An integrated, interdisciplinary and global program of research and education on enterprise systems.

For the first two years, the research center's ambition is to initiate these efforts. The Center's basic strategy is to develop joint partnerships with industrial firms. The center and the companies will work together to identify relevant problem areas, conduct the research in those areas, and disseminate the results.