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McGill Dobson Cup Start-UP Competition - History

2013 Winners - McGill Dobson Cup Start-UP Competition


First Place: HYPEJAR

Hypejar is an online social platform powered by those passionate about the future. Users on the platform discover and track mass consumer products from the future. It is the place where consumers, and not brands, dictate the level of anticipation for products before they hit the market. In the process, through user activity, Hypejar compiles market intelligence by aggregating demand levels for the future.


Second Place: LIFEPACK

LifePack is a light-weight, powerfully insulating, environmentally-friendly shipping container for temperature sensitive medical materials.  Compared to current shipping methods, LifePak reduces packaging waste by 50% and shipping costs by up to 35%.


Third Place: EG MICRO

Current single-cell DNA mapping technologies are suboptimal in terms of price, time required, and error rate. EG Micro proposes a unique system that combines cell capture with mapping on the same device using microfluidics technology, which offers a competitive alternative to existing methods. This has diverse applications in the life sciences industry including cancer research, point-of-care diagnostics, and other genomics related fields.

Fourth Place: GENE DIGEST

Gene Digest is a web application that allows for user-friendly access to genomics data and analyses. Currently, accessing genomic information is difficult due to the large amounts of sequence data and complex biological information involved. The rapidly decreasing costs of DNA sequencing make the need for user-friendly access to genomics all the more urgent as the number of sequenced organisms continues to increase and the era of personalized medicine and personalized genomics begins.



XBRL is a new financial reporting standard enforced in many countries. We develop innovative software for Controllers, CAs, Analysts and Investors who need an easy access to XBRL reports in Excel. We are a member of XBRL Canada and our first tool XBRL Analyst has already been featured by FASB.




DECODE GLOBAL specializes in mobile games for social impact. It develops games for the North American and Indian markets. It also provides international fellowships to young technologists to work on innovative mobile games projects. Its first game, Get Water! was launched in March 2013, and is a winner of the United Nations UNAOC competition.


First Place: SANITRU

Sanitru is a social enterprise dedicated to reducing the incidence of wrong drug errors. Our products allow health care practitioners to accurately and efficiently identify pharmaceutical packages by both sight and touch.

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2012 Winners - McGill Dobson Cup Start-UP Competition 



Due to improvements in environment-protecting rules & laws and the limited amount of crude oil reserves, in recent years, biodegradable plastics have been widely used in packaging, medical and electronic industries and are covering more and more market of the conventional plastics.  However, many of the currently used biodegradable plastics have various disadvantages and barriers in development.  Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) and its analogs are ideal replacement for the petroleum-derived plastics.  The group described a novel approach to produce PHA from activated sludge, which is more environmentally-friendly and has a lower production cost.  According to their lab-scale and pilot-scale experiments, extracting PHA from bacteria in the activated sludge provides a potential sustainable method to produce biodegradable plastics. 

Second Place: ZUUB

Is a groundbreaking research-based second language learning curriculum for teens and adults. It is marketed as an interactive course with social gamification (MMOG) for the institutional market (per student license) with a future rollout to the online consumer market.



This proposal focuses on developing a domestic cricket-reactor, which utilizes household biowastes such as organic kitchen compost and yard waste as feed to produce a regular harvest of food-grade crickets which are then humanely euthanized - improving food security in impoverished regions.



Vitality Sciences LLC aims to end the pain and discomfort associated with alcohol overindulgence for working professionals and young adults once and for all.  This all-natural formula attacks the three roots of a hangover with cutting edge, research backed compounds for the most complete hangover prevention solution available.


Fifth Place: MUTHINS

Is devoted and committed to changing the snacking habits of our community throught the introduction of a low-calorie, all-natural line of bran muffins. Founded in May 2011, the company has quickly extended its presence throughout a variety of retail outlets across the city of Montreal. MUthins, with an emphasis on the word thin, was specifically designed for those of you who are counting. Our all-natural bran muffins contain no added sugar, no artificial flavoring and no preservatives, while still remaining under 100 calories. What makes MUthins™ different from the other healthy “muffin men”? Well first off, we’re muffin women, but more importantly, we have a product that satisfies consumers’ unmet need for convenience and healthy snacking. Our secret recipe is a derivative of the Beloff mother’s, who is a certified nutritionist – thus adding an element of authenticity to what we do. Our flavors include carrot, banana, raisin and chocolate chip. We have been in operations for almost a year now, and have developed a strong and continuously expanding following. Currently producing 60 to 80 dozen muffins per week at our certified contracted bakery, we distribute to over 10 retail outlets, including local grocery stores, university campus cafes, fitness centers and health food destinations across the city. With a passion for change and the will to make it happen, we want MUthins™ to become a household staple. Our vision – to provide North American’s with the future of healthy snacking – a MUthin™.




Hearing Express is a model to quickly fit and deliver affordable, high-quality hearing aids in developing countries. By using rapid-fitting hearing aids, mobile diagnostics, and an entrepreneurial distribution system, it is a sustainable and scalable way of addressing hearing loss on a global scale.


Second Place: LOTUS CENTRE

We are a not-for-profit organization with a mission to provide specialized music education for children with developmental disorders and learning disabilities. Our goal is to provide music lessons by teachers who understand and can adapt to the students’ needs and to use music education to improve functioning in non-musical areas.


Honourable Mention: MADE IN MONTREAL

Made In Montreal is an urban planning firm specializing in local economic development services for Montreal’s manufacturers.


Honourable Mention: F.I.L.E.

The Fondation International de Loisirs pour les Enfants (F.I.L.E) is a non-for profit organization which main goal is to create a free summer day camp for children in low income family, who are often marginalized in society. Our organization was created in order to improve the situation of those children by giving them the opportunity to encourage their intellectual and creative skills in addition to their social relation in an appropriate environment.

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2011 Winners - McGill Dobson Cup Start-UP Competition 


First Place: MORAL FIBERS 

Moral Fibers is a for-profit T-shirt retailer with a charitable focus on the developing world. By printing shirts designed by artists living on less than two dollars a day, we will help raise hundreds out of poverty and develop talent where few are looking.


Infinity Blades sells high-quality haircutting scissors to hairstyling professionals. Our cutting-edge blade technology eliminates the need to sharpen and drastically increases the lifespan of our scissors, saving our customers hassle, time, and money.

Third Place: TEABEAN

Teabean is made from White Coffee beans which have been baked (rather than roasted), a process which gives them a sweet, tea-like taste. Once ground, they are infused with teas and spices, creating a unique tasting beverage that combines the caffeine of coffee with the taste and health benefits of tea.


Fourth Place: WILDCARD 

Wildcard Montreal is a nightlife membership card with free and reduced access to Montreal’s top nightclubs, store discounts, prize draws and events! We have taken the relatively old concept of guestlists and completely revolutionized, revitalized and enhanced the process, while pairing it with unbeatable benefits.


Fifth Place: NEURORA 

Neurora offers solutions and services to hospitals and clinics to extract diagnostically and surgically crucial information from raw medical images. By reviewing this information, clinicians are able to make more effective decisions, thus allowing them to provide higher level of patient care.

Honourable Mention: JOURNAL PREP 

Journal Prep provides English editing and peer reviewing services to academics in myriad disciplines. The business aims to help authors of academic documents improve the content and written quality of their work prior to initial submission for publication.


Honourable Mention: SALUBRI 

Salubri is an online platform that allows people to browse, book and pay for consultations with their health practitioners specializing in wellness and prevention. Sessions can take place in person, over the telephone or by online videoconference. Patients are now empowered to make conscious decisions when selecting health practitioners.




Streetsuds is a Laundry service social enterprise that advances the mission of the St. James Drop-In by providing both a contract laundry service and a transitional vocational rehabilitation program. Our innovative structure is designed to accept and address the physical and mental health challenges of our workers in a compassionate manner and simultaneously develop their capacity to enter the workforce successfully. 


Second Place: EDUKIDS

EDUKids is a not for profit organization whose mission is to provide free tutoring services to struggling students in the neighborhood of Cotes-des-Neiges. The tutoring services will be available for free through a partnership with a local high school which will provide classrooms and where the tutors will be recruited.

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2010 Winners - McGill Dobson Cup Start-UP Competition

First Place: THE HOT PLATE

The Hot Plate is an innovative spin on student-friendly cooking. The Hot Plate launched as a program on TV McGill, and provides delicious, fresh and cost effective meal ideas. Taking the guess work out of gourmet, The Hot Plate offers everything including on-the-go, freezer-friendly and crowd pleasing meal ideas that won’t break the bank.

Second Place: WOODSTREAM

Woodstream helps plastic processors reduce their exposure to oil price fluctuations and transition to environmentally-friendly and cost-effective new materials. We manufacture and sell high-performance Wood-Plastic Composites to the consumer, construction, and transportation sector. These materials are made out of scrap wood and recycled plastic, making it a sustainable and viable alternative to oil based plastics.

Third Place: BestSPEC

BESTSPEC’s mission is to integrate robotics into the inspection and maintenance of wind turbine structures. The team of two is currently in the prototype phase for a robotic inspection tool capable of locating and photographing damage on a wind turbine blade, with significant risk and cost reduction when compared to the currently available solutions.

Fourth Place: THESHELF.ca

theShelf.ca offers web based, socially driven, applications. They make the academic lives of students easier and efficient while helping them connect, share and collaborate. They also provide student unions with unique tools that enable them to increase student engagement and interest across campus.


We are the Scholar Athlete Academy. We are an organization of collegiate, or Scholar Athletes, who return their experiences and wisdom for their respective sports, to their potential, younger protégés during the summer months by training them to become potential Scholar Athletes themselves.

Honourable Mention: CHOREOCLIP.COM

ChoreoClip.com is an online community for anyone interested in dance. ChoreoClip provides all dancers of all styles a place to post their portfolio and find information, all pertaining to dance. Users can showcase their work, find collaborators, and search events/schools, dynamically based upon location and style.

Honourable Mention: CLOSE THE LOOP

Close-the-Loop (CTL) is a Plateau based compost collection service. CTL’s mission is to create an urban, close-looped food chain by collecting customers’ organic waste, convert it to compost, and use it on neighbourhood/community gardens to grow produce, which will be distributed back to the customers. This project is community integrated, cooperating with several different sustainability devoted initiatives, and resembles a healthy food chain in the sense that it benefits all members of this urban “ecosystem,” while producing no waste whatsoever.

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2009 Winners - McGill Dobson Cup Start-UP Competition

First Place: SENTRIG




Honourable Mention: STUDY PA

Honourable Mention: SYMBIOSYSTEM

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