Upcoming Speakers

Dr. Wendy Smith, University of Delaware

Date: April 27, 2018
Time: 10:30-12:00 PM
Location: 210

About the speaker

Michael draws primarily on practice-based theories for understanding digital innovation and transformation.  he has also developed rhetorical strategies for understanding IT diffusion and deploys longitudinal case study research using interpretive and mixed-methods approaches.
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2017-2018 Upcoming CSSO Research Seminar Speakers

Oct 20 Rodrigo Canales
Room 245
Nov 17 Adam Cobb
(University of Pennsylvania)
Room 245
Dec 1 Gino Cattani
(Leonard N. Stern School of Business)
Room 410
Jan 19 Brayden King
(Kellogg School of Management,
Northwestern University)
Room 575
Feb 16 John Levi Martin
(The University of Chicago)
Room 575
Apr 13 Michael Barrett
(University of Cambridge)
Room 410
Apr 27 Wendy Smith
(University of Delaware)
Room 210
May 4 Tom Lawrence
(University of Oxford)
Room 575
May 25

André Spicer
(City University of London)

Room 410

A light lunch (12:00-12:30) will follow immediately after the presentation, followed by a workshop for all PhD students in the joint doctoral program (12:30-1:30)

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Past Speakers


September 16

Joseph Galaskiewicz*
(University of Arizona)

February 17

Ivana Katic

March 17

Ming Leung

April 21

Roberto Fernandez
Joint with OB

May 19

Rodrigo Canales
(Yale School of Management)

* In addition to the regular research seminar, Prof. Galaskiewicz will hold a professional development workshop from 4-6pm at the Faculty Club



September 18

Greta Hsu
(UC Davis Graduate School of Management)

October 16

Jeff Loewenstein
(University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

March 18

Patricia Thornton
(Texas A&M)

April 18

Joep Cornelissen
(Rotterdam School of Management)

May 20

Damon Phillips (Joint with OB)
(Columbia Business School)



September 19

Johnny Boghossian
(Ph.D. student job talk)

October 17

Ilya Okhmatovskiy
(McGill University)

November 21

David Strang
(Cornell University)

January 16

Paul Ingram
(Columbia University)

February 20

Michael Macy
(Cornell University)

March 13

Christopher Liu

March 20

Diane Burton
(Cornell University)

May 15

Matt Kraatz
(University of Illinois)



November 15

Trish Reay
(U. of Alberta)

February 21

Roy Suddaby
(U. of Alberta)

March 14

Igor Filatotchev
(City University London)

April 11

William Barnett
(Stanford University)

May 16

Martin Ruef



September 28

Abhirup Chakrabarti
(McGill University)

October 19

Marc Schneiberg
(Reed College)

November 2

Tammar Zilber
(Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

March 15

Lourdes Sosa
(London Business School)

April 5

Tim Pollock
(Penn State)

April 12

Tim Rowley
(University of Toronto)

April 19

Trish Reay
(University of Alberta)

May 3

Mary-Yoko Brannen
(University of Victoria)

May 10

Anand Swaminathan



October 28

Klaus Weber

November 18


January 27

Nicole Woosley Biggart
(UC Davis)*

February 17

Howard Aldrich

March 23

Nelson Phillips

April 27

Jason Davis

May 11

Laszlo Tihanyi
(Texas A&M)

(*) will also give an informal, evening talk on the Wednesday prior.



September 24

Brandon Lee
(London Business School)

October 22

Ann Terlaak
(University of Wisconsin)

November 19

Abhijit Gosh
(McGill University)

January 14

Paul Hirsch
(Kellogg School, Northwestern)

February 18

Chris Marquis
(Harvard Business School)

March 25

Andy Spicer
(University of South Carolina)

May 13

Peer Fiss
(University of Southern California)

(*) Paul Hirsch will also give an informal, evening talk about the evolution of his career on Wednesday, January 12

csso seminar_series 2010-11.pdf